Is there a future for game developers?

Is there a future for game developers?
When a question like this comes to mind, one of my favorite quotes comes providing answers: “As far as the eyes can see”. 

If there is anything to make you waiver, may I calm you with the fact that the pool of creativity and innovation cannot dry out, hence the beautiful ones are yet to be born. 

With the advent of technological advancements in gaming as they have switched from the place of purely aided computer graphics to a new graphic dimension from 2D, 3D, down to what we have today, I certainly know for sure that the future for game developers is not anything close to been bleak. 

In today’s article, we shall carefully consider the technological advancements in game development and what the future holds for both game enthusiasts as the user, likewise the developers. 

What about Gaming? 
Gaming has been considered many things for many people, but more importantly, gaming is all about leisure and a way of relaxation from whatever context one would like to consider. 

What several people are yet to understand is that the video game business is growing for 2021 and beyond, thanks to a mix of increased popularity, especially in the mobile sector, the arrival of a new generation of consoles, and the motivation of audiences searching for social connections at safe distances. 

Is there a future for game developers? 
According to Statista, the worldwide video game business will be worth almost $140 billion in 2021 and by 2025, it is estimated to be worth around $300 billion. This indicates that technological progress will be the primary driving force in taking gaming experiences to the next level shortly. 

With the forecast on game development for the year 2021, one sure thing is this, Job searchers should anticipate the video game sector to play a significant part in their search strategy in the coming years. 

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What the future holds for game development
Going by statistics, it is going to be a swell time for game lovers, and this means loads of rewards for game developers.  

One of the highlights 1 of new technology and game development is the use of cloud gaming. Cloud gaming will play a significant part in the future. The emergence of Norwegian game production firms as Alpha Systems, and Megapop Titles imploring Cloud computing into their newest games would allow gamers to start a game on one device and continue on another using their game saved in the cloud. Awesome, right? 

A good example of Cloud Computing technology is the Google Stadia. 
The Google Stadia allows you to play games using the Google Chrome browser. It is a Google cloud-based gaming service that allows players to play their favorite games directly from Google's web browser. 

Artificial Intelligence [A.I] is the introduction of a level of intelligence to devices, whereby they initiate actions on their own beyond the basic level of programming. Although this has already found use extensively in gaming, however the present nature and design of games limit its application.  

AI has found great use in Online gambling utilized by online casinos, where live bots are accessible to answer 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This implies that AI is affecting all elements of gaming, including online gambling, and is likely to birth new advancements for the uniqueness of gaming as an art and the pleasure of it as a gamer. 

The arrival of 5G is expected to usher in technical advances and stimulate creativity in the game creation process. 
5G will be essential for supporting streaming platforms and lowering latency. It will allow console-quality games to be streamed on mobile devices. 

As 5G drives mobility, players will always be able to play. Mobile phones are becoming increasingly capable of handling games. These experiences will be elevated to a whole new level with 5G. 

53% of those polled believe 5G will influence game development. The performance and speed of 5G will drastically alter mobile game creation, bringing it up to par with console game quality. 

Having listed all these above, yes, there is a future for game developers! 

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