Is Wazirx safe?

Is Wazirx safe?
India has enjoyed the limelight for many things from being the inventor of Yoga to owning the highest number of official languages as a country to having the highest number of Post offices in the world, down to some interesting ones like marrying off frogs when the rains are being delayed [a tradition in Varanasi, India, where frogs are caught and married to another to appease the gods of rain]. I know right? Some funny fact. 

With India been known for some rich cultural heritage, new age businesses and digital currencies have not been a stranger either, especially at a time where globalization has made the world a smaller place for information and business practices. A name as Wazirx has been embraced and getting the intended attention, however, just like every new stiletto purchased from a new brand, there is a need for extra caution, not because it doesn’t look good, but because you don’t want to fall off while feeling yourself in high shoulders. 

At the conclusion of this essay, you will know whether Wazirx is secure for your transactions and how to utilize the platform. Please make sure you read all the way to the conclusion.

What is Wazirx? 
Wazirx is an Indian legal cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to invest in various cryptocurrencies by trading in fiat currency. Wazirx is located in Mumbai, India was founded in March 2018. Wazirx has been considered the most reputable exchange in the Indian crypto industry; With the exchange sharing ties with the Binance Group, which operates the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange and has users in 180 countries, Wazirx has carved a niche for itself in India as a reputable exchange platform. 

Is Wazirx safe?
There is a need to conduct your research and ask possible questions where necessary for your validation on this, however, here are some pointers we have come to terms with as regards Wazirx. Records have shown that Wazirx protects money from hackers by storing 95% of them offline. 

Wazirx allows you to trade a variety of cryptocurrencies and coins in exchange for your local currency. It is said to be one of the most user-friendly platforms, considering its rivals in the industry.  

With over 900,000 customers in its portfolio, Wazirx is considered India's fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchange. Anyone may purchase bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies by depositing INR using UPI or IMPS.  

Wazirx accepts deposits and withdrawals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It becomes more interesting to use Wazirx when the lowest withdrawal fee in India starts at zero and the biggest referral commission is 50% respectively. 

What makes Wazirx Safe? 
1. You can download the app from your platforms [Google Play Store and Apple store] 
2. Wazir X buffers some percent of your funds to mitigate hacking. 
3. The deployment of second level authentication with the use of One Time Password [OTP] 
4. The use of Google authenticator for access control. 
5. It is powered by a reputable brand, Binance. 
6. Dynamic trading views, sophisticated chart trading, and stop-limit orders. 

How to use Wazirx
As a new convert to Wazirx, you could deposit funds on the exchange platform and utilize the funds to purchase intended cryptocurrencies. The company in their good service also pioneered peer-to-peer trading, often known as P2P trading, which permits users to swap cryptocurrency without exchanging money, making the process all seamless.   

While you’re all fired up and ready to commence trading on Wazirx, it is pertinent to note that you will need to complete the KYC [Know Your Customer] procedure before you commence crypto trading. 

Charges applied using Wazirx
For every transaction initiated, Wazirx takes a fee of 0.2% of capital, which is one of the world's lowest crypto exchange commission rates. 

Wazirx users should note that there are charges associated with depositing and withdrawing funds from the app. Such that upon depositing money via Bank transfer, an additional Rs. 9 would be passed, whilst withdrawal would mean between Rs. 5 and 10, depending on the mode of withdrawal from the exchange platform. 

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