Is word press hosting different from web hosting?

Is word press hosting different from web hosting?
In general, you don't need WordPress-specific hosting to launch a successful WordPress site. Many businesses market their standard shared plans to WordPress users. Nonetheless, these packages frequently include useful features that will help your website perform better in the long run.
In this article, we'll compare the two types of hosting and help you decide which is best for your WordPress site. Let's get started!

What is the major difference between the two?
The server configuration is the primary distinction between WordPress hosting and standard web hosting. WordPress hosting plans typically include platform-optimized resources. For example, your web host might announce PHP 7 or increased PHP memory.

Furthermore, WordPress hosting frequently includes useful add-on services to help your website run smoothly. Your plan may, for example, include automatic updates, access to themes or plugins, one-click installation, and other features. Remember that these extras are usually included in the price, especially if you choose managed WordPress hosting. Basic web hosting is still adequate for storing your WordPress site and making it publicly accessible. Your plan may also include beneficial features such as performance optimization and enhanced security.

Word Press hosting or We Hosting? Which one is better for you?
The type of hosting you choose will be determined by your needs and level of experience. You should also think about the specifics of your hosting plan and whether the additional WordPress features will be useful to you.

For example, you could ask yourself the following questions:
1. First and foremost, are you using WordPress to build your site? Otherwise, WordPress hosting will be inapplicable.
2. What is your financial situation? Standard shared plans are less expensive, whereas managed WordPress hosting is more costly.
3. Are you concerned about your safety? WordPress hosting is frequently more secure as a result of enhanced protection against common threats.
4. Do you prefer that server maintenance take place in the background? If this is the case, you'll appreciate automatic WordPress updates.

Are you familiar with WordPress or do you require assistance? 
WordPress customer support will benefit less experienced users. What kind of content do you have in mind for your website? Assume you intend to upload large image galleries or videos. In that case, having easy access to features like caching or a CDN may be beneficial.

The verdict on web hosting vs. WordPress hosting
Overall, if you answered yes to most of the above questions, you should go with WordPress hosting. It's an excellent solution for both beginners and web developers, as it can save you a significant amount of time. Furthermore, while WordPress hosting does not always guarantee faster page loading times, it does give you an advantage over standard web hosting. Standard web hosting, on the other hand, gives you more control over all aspects of your website, which may be essential for more experienced users. This type of hosting is also less expensive overall, though the price difference may be negligible for shared plans. Many businesses charge the same entry fee for all shared services.

Finally, regardless of the type of hosting you select, ensure that your provider meets the following criteria:

  1. Exceptional reputation
  2. Highest security standards
  3. The ability to scale up as your website grows
  4. High-quality customer service or user documentation is available.
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