Learn About Snapchat Planets Order Latest - 2023

Learn About Snapchat Planets Order Latest - 2023

Are you an avid user of Snapchat, who is hooked on its interesting and captivating features? If so, get ready to explore the universe within Snapchat with its Snapchat plus planets feature. We are assuming that you must be familiar with what a real solar system looks like and how it works.


Prepare yourself to experience the interplanetary journey through Snapchat + planet order. In this article, we are going to guide you throughout your journey to each planet and its specialization.


1. Mercury

As we all know Mercury is the closest planet to the sun and is known for its speed and agility. Mercury on Snapchat reflected similar energy. It let people share in Mercury’s swift-moving nature with quick updates and moments that vanish within it. From all the other planets, Mercury depicts closeness which resembles if you are someone who is assigned with Mercury, then you are the closest, or we can say a “best friend” of your friend.



i. Pink in color.

ii. Red hearts revolve around it.


2. Venus

Venus is believed as the goddess of love and beauty, and it takes the second spot on Snapchat planet order. Venus on the other hand symbolizes style and elegance. It usually corresponds to the user’s second-closest friend. In Snapchat’s solar system, Venus holds the essence of Venusian charm and prompts your friends to express themselves just like the charm, creativity, and flair of Venus.



i. Beige.

ii. Pink, blue, and yellow stars revolve around it.


3. Earth

Earth is regarded as the home planet that holds a special place in everyone’s heart and in Snapchat too. This planet is represented by blue marble. On the go, it corresponds to a user’s third friend from the list of best ones. The usage of Earth Planet depicts that it allows people to showcase their diversity and share their special moments in a way that should capture the essence of the planet.



i. It is a blue and green colored planet.

ii. Includes red hearts and moon.


4. Mars

You must be aware that Mars is known as the “Red Planet” and is a symbol of adventure, exploration, and discovery. Remember, if your friend assigns you, Mars, he/she considers you as the 4th most favorite friend. The symbol of Mars in Snapchat's solar system represents the same sense of adventure and invites users to share their venturous stories of exploration.


Features include:

i. Red-colored planet.

ii. Includes purple and blue hearts.


5. Jupiter

Jupiter is the fifth and the largest planet in Snapchat premium planets order. Here, Jupiter depicts that it can go bigger and express oneself in a grand and celebratory sense. This planet symbolizes and allows you to share each and every event of your life whether it's small or big.



i. Orange.

ii. Includes pink, blue, and yellow stars.


6. Saturn

Furthermore, the next planet is Saturn which is also known as the “ringed beauty”. These majestic rings add a touch of elegance and style to your snaps. This also invites users to share their dazzling disciple through the medium of their art, creativity, fashion sense, and exclusive designs. Consider yourself as the 6 friends from the list of best ones.



i. It’s a yellow planet with a golden ring around it.

ii. Has pink, blue, and yellow stars around it.


7. Uranus

Uranus is slotted 8 amongst other planets in Snapchat planet order. Uranus is cooler and serener which demonstrates a sense of calmness and tranquility. It is a bit far planet in the solar system. It meant if someone has assigned you Uranus, then you are the least close friend.



i. Green planet.

ii. Yellow stars remain around it.


8. Neptune

The last from the list of Snapchat + planet order is Neptune. The farthest planet within Snapchat’s solar system Neptune evokes and symbolizes a sense of deepness and intrigue. It encourages users to share snaps that inspire curiosity and appeals to the imagination. If you are assigned with it, meant that you're ranked last in your friend’s list.



i. Blue planet.

ii. Blue stars too sound it.


Start your journey through Snapchat’s solar system and make your virtual experience far better with lots of fun. Undoubtedly, it's a creative way to share moments in the form of snaps. Each planet encourages you to mirror its distinctive qualities.


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