Life as a Freelance Web Developer in Dubai

Life as a Freelance Web Developer in Dubai

Are you thinking of becoming a freelance web developer and you live in Dubai?

And you are probably wondering what life is like as a freelance web developer in Dubai. In this article, we'll run you through the in and out of a freelancer Web Developer and everything you need to know before considering the position and the best way to start freelancing as a web designer?

Before deciding to make a career as a freelance web developer in Dubai, there are certain things to take note of and understand:

1.   Learn the whole stack, from server management to front-end configuration. Many people would advise you that you can specialize and that you won't be able to become amazing at everything if you strive to be good at all, but this isn't real. Anyone can learn anything, and what you learn about one part of web development also makes you learn about another. The greatest thing is that you broaden your market of prospective customers as far as possible. There's no reason not to learn the whole stack because you want to work for an organization.

2.   Create and rebuild your website many times. Make it a point to restore your site from the ground up at least once a year; this would put you in touch with several high-paying contracts purely because clients enjoy what you've done with your site. Maintain its importance, modernity, and compatibility with emerging new trends. This is also an outstanding first project if you're just getting started.

3.   Don't quit your day job immediately. It's hard to be a freelancer when the next pay check isn't assured. It can be incredibly stressful to forego all of your income and look for jobs, particularly if you're still gaining experience. Start by spending your spare time learning new skills, working on personal tasks, and even completing some small contracts.

4.   Take part in the Dubai web development and programming communities. Begin attending monthly meetups and giving a presentation at a couple of them, even though it's just you showing off your platform or discussing any new design or production patterns. If you can develop yourself as a dependable and professional web designer, you may have more work than you can do.

5.   Don't ever work for free. Don't ever work for free. Working for free, even though it's a relative or a friend, is a strategy for disappointment. They would not feel comfortable being truthful with you on whether or not they are happy with your job if they are not obligated to pay you for it. If you're not making money off your work, you won't have the motivation to do your best to perform on time. There are still a lot of people out there looking to take advantage of web developers/designers by offering free work in return for intangible or meaningless rewards. And if you're just trying to develop your portfolio, make sure you charge at least SOMETHING for it.

6.   Start blogging and create a Github account, it is also quite popular in the UAE. You won't be able to get jobs as a freelancer until you have a polished resume. Your resume acts as your online presence. When you discover something different, write about it on your blog. When you solve a problem, even though it is obvious or irrelevant, write about it - there are many others out there with the same problem, and many of them are looking for a job. If you write a creative piece of programming, build nice-looking navigation, or even construct a toy program, save it to your Github account. There is no better way to build a developer's reputation than with a big, healthy Github account and an active blog.

7.   Say yes to everything when you're starting (as long as it's a paying job). You must get used to performing on schedule, overseeing several tasks, and generating a buzz about your skills. A small work well done today could lead to much bigger deal months or even years later. Also, say yes even though you're not certain you have the necessary skills. FIND A WAY TO DELIVER, whether by hiring a subcontractor or educating yourself. There is no bigger motivator for mastering new skills than a deadline and the prospect of a large payday.


In general, you must learn to self-promote and focus on personal tasks regularly. People tend to collaborate with self-starters and fellow entrepreneurs. Build the identity of someone who knows how to get things done by simply getting things done, and you can never go hungry.

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