Life of a Senior Backend Web Developer

Life of a Senior Backend Web Developer

What exactly is Backend Development?

The term "back-end development" refers to server-side development. It focuses on databases, scripting, and website design. It describes the activities that take place behind the scenes when a user performs any action on a website. It could be logging into an account or making a purchase from an online store. Back-end developers write code that allows browsers to communicate with database information.

Backend development, as previously stated, is what keeps the internet running behind the scenes. A senior backend developer in a Dubai web design agency is primarily concerned with how a website functions. They write code that focuses on the functionality and logic that power the application they are working on, and the technology they use is never directly visible to users. The back end technology consists of servers, applications, and databases.

Backend programming is most commonly seen when reading an article on a blog. This page's frontend is made up of fonts, colours, designs, and so on. While the article's content is rendered from a server and retrieved from a database. The application's backend is comprised of the following components.

The following are the skills needed to become a back end developer:

  • Web Development Languages
  • Database and Cache
  • Server

Languages for Web Development:

A Senior Backend Developer in a Web Design Agency in Dubai should be familiar with at least one server-side or backend programming language, such as Java, Python, or Ruby.

7 Different Kinds of Backend Programming Languages

  1. Java
  2. PHP
  3. .NET (C#, VB)
  4. Ruby
  5. Python
  6. SQL
  7. JavaScript

Database and Cache: One of the most important Backend developer skills is knowledge of various DBMS technologies. MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, SQLServer, and Redis are all popular choices for this purpose. Knowledge of caching mechanisms such as varnish, Memcached, and Redis is advantageous.

Server: What exactly is a backend server?

The back-end is the server-side code that receives client requests and contains the logic to send the appropriate data back to the client. The database, which will persistently store all of the data for the application, is also part of the back-end. Experience with Apache, Nginx, IIS servers, and Microsoft IIS is preferable. A solid understanding of Linux is extremely beneficial when it comes to server administration.


What exactly is REST?

REST was created to work specifically with components such as media components, files, or even objects on a specific hardware device. A RESTful web service is any web service that adheres to the REST principles. For working with the required components, a Restful service would use the standard HTTP verbs GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE. REST is an acronym that stands for Representational State Transfer.

What exactly is SOAP?

SOAP is a protocol that existed prior to the introduction of REST. The main goal of developing SOAP was to ensure that programs written in different platforms and programming languages could exchange data easily. SOAP is an abbreviation for Simple Object Access Protocol.

Full stack developers must also be familiar with web services or API. It is preferable to be familiar with the creation and consumption of REST and SOAP services

A Senior Backend Developer's Life in a Dubai Web Design Agency includes but is not limited to,

  • The job of the back end developer is to understand the website's goals and come up with effective solutions.
  • Keeping data and ensuring that it is visible to the users who should have access to it
  • Responsible for creating payment processing systems such as accepting data, securely storing that information, and charging that payment.
  • Manage API resources that are applicable to multiple devices.
  • He or she may be involved in system architecture and data science analyses.
  • Developers are in charge of organizing the logic of the system, which runs across multiple devices.
  • Back End web developers should be capable of implementing algorithms and resolving system-related issues.

Other soft skill sets required include,

  • Capability to work with other developers to write code that is readable, reusable, and scalable.
  • Creating automated mapping, manipulation, modeling, and testing tools.
  • Capable of creating well-designed and efficient code.
  • Troubleshoot difficult problems and debug to improve performance.
  • Curiosity and a knack for research.
  • Knowledge of network protocols and configurations is required.
  • Technical, verbal, written, interpersonal, and communication skills that are second to none.

Back-end developers in Dubai work in a variety of industries, developing mobile and web applications and providing seamless business solutions to small, medium, and large-scale businesses using cutting-edge technologies.

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