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List of video calling apps that work in the UAE

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Have you ever been in a situation where you badly want to see a loved one or family member but because of the lockdown and pandemic couldn't see them? Well, I have, and trust me it's not a fun experience. The pandemic and lockdown require that we maintain contact with distant family members and friends. We have no excuse now that we have extra time and not much to do. The UAE has never been a fan of free video and voice calling apps. However, given the situation we've all found ourselves in, exceptions are being made. Take a look at several video and audio calling applications by the video production company that you may use in the UAE to stay in touch with family and friends.

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Video calling apps that work in the UAE

1. Zoom
Previously, Zoom video calling was prohibited in the country. However, because of the present crisis, it is now available. While Zoom is more of a conference or classroom tool, it can also be used for video and audio contacting family and friends all over the world. It may also be used for meetings, online lectures, and conferences, among other things.

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2. Voico
This video/voice calling app is now available for free to all Du users in the region. You may get the Du Voico UAE app for your phone or computer (available for apple and android users). Du issued a statement emphasizing the value of staying in touch with loved ones, and as a result, it has made video calling free for all of its customers. Voico UAE includes video/audio calling, messaging, group functionality, and a translator. This is part of Du's "It's Good to Be Home" campaign, which also includes other home-related bargains.

3. Botim 
Many people utilized Botim for long-distance calls even before the Coronavirus was released. When it comes to purchasing Botim, there are two easy bundles to choose from. If you simply want to use Botim on your 3G/4G cellular connection, it costs AED 50 per month. However, if you want to use it on your home wifi as well, the monthly fee rises to AED 100. Botim calling features exceptional visual and voice quality and is ideal for communicating with loved ones, especially during a crisis. Botim also provides several discounts and special deals to all of its customers.
4. Google Hangouts
This is another video and audio conferencing service. This was once prohibited in the United Arab Emirates, but it is now permitted. The VoIP software is free and offers good audio and video quality. The app may be used to stay in touch with relatives and friends living abroad, as well as for lessons and meetings.

5. Microsoft Teams
This is an internet video conferencing system designed primarily for professional environments and international conferences. This is a clear video calling program that is now free and open to all users at this moment. A lot of new features have been introduced. When you want to speak, you may now raise your hand, and there is a reservations app, among other things. This is great for use in classrooms and business gatherings. Although this is a meeting platform, it may also be utilized to connect with friends and family.

6, Whatsapp
In the UAE, Whatsapp calling has long been banned. Whatsapp calling, on the other hand, appears to be operating on phones linked to the same wifi provider. This means you may phone your loved ones at home from the comfort of your own house. It's not ideal for staying in touch with extended family members, but it may be beneficial. Particularly if you live in a home with stairs!

7. Skype 
This VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) program is widely used worldwide. However, Skype for personal accounts remains prohibited in the UAE. Skype is free for business accounts to use for meetings and conferences. This service was formerly prohibited, but it is now open to all businesses.

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