Most frequently used apps in UAE

Most frequently used apps in UAE
Mankind had continually strived to evolve from the conventional way of doing things to a better and less strenuous considered pattern, no matter how slow it appeared. This could be said of how man moved from the dark ages to the introduction of adaptive methodologies to help their way of life as seen in their occupation [irrigation, tools deployed], costly experiments in the process of seeking knowledge and advancements, definition to time, and a whole list of more. 

Machines, one of the celebrated milestones to come from the experiments of mankind is simply an easier, and better way of doing the task with little or no pressure from a third party. 

Today, the world has warmly accepted innovation from the birth of machines, down to the use of applications that can do almost everything [if not everything] just by a click from your mobile device or any gadget as the case may be, and then voila, results! 

The UAE [United Arab Emirates] just like every other country finds great use of applications, and amongst which we shall consider which is frequently used, and the 10 must-have apps on android in the UAE. 

Most frequently used app in UAE
While there is a list of notable apps that finds vast use in the UAE from games, utilities, social media, healthcare services, transactional, and all, if there is an app that finds great use in the UAE, it wouldn’t be farfetched if it came from the social media platform, and which app could have it then the WhatsApp. 

However, considering the recent trend from the outbreak of the COVID-19 and its control measures schemed for safety and survival, the most frequently used app in the UAE as at the time drawing up this article would be the ALHOSN UAE app. 

The ALHOSN UAE app is a medical app that has been formally validated by UAE health authorities as a COVID-19 testing channel. The ALHOSN UAE app employs a one-of-a-kind QR code to allow users to access and monitor their COVID-19 test results from the convenience of their own homes.

While WhatsApp has been celebrated as a frequently used social app in the UAE going by statistics of having over 80.20% of UAE’s population index amounting to 7.98 million active users, the ALHOSN UAE Medical app is currently the most frequently used app in the UAE.  

What are the necessary apps for Android in UAE?  
Apps are modern machines that have been carefully designed by developers to demystify the conventional process of tasks. Therefore, it is not weird that you find apps of greater use than a random process.

While you could have a million apps on both major Operating Systems platforms, some apps often find use compared to others, examples are listed below. 
Going by the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, and the means decided by the UAE government to curb its spread, the use of the ALHOSN UAE app is a necessary one at this time, to check and track your test result. 

The ICA which means Identity & Citizenship App assists in the application for locals, residents, and visitors in the UAE to make use of services provided by the Federal Authority for Identity & Citizenship, Customs & Port Security, such as visas, residency, and general papers. 

The BOTIM is a free VoIP [Voice Over Internet Protocol] and IM [Instant Messaging] app that finds great use for audio, video calls and simply chatting.  

What are the most unique apps for Android UAE? 
While there is a flux of apps around there serving various purposes, here are some other unique apps that can be seen for Android users for your ease.  
1. Dial-a-tire. 
2. Checgo. 
3. FruVeg. 
4. MeetUp. 
5. Cinema UAE. 
10 must-have apps on Android in UAE
Phone users in the UAE would have some common apps installed on their phones, as they find great use in the routines of the day. Below are 10 must-have apps on android in UAE. 
1. Smart Drive App. 
2. Zomato App. 
3. BOTIM App. 
4. YouTube App. 
5. Helpling Me App. 
6. Duolingo App. 
7. Udrive/Ekar App.  
8. Clinicator App. 
9. Noon Shopping App. 
10. UAE Pass App. 

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