Night life in Dubai: An Unforgettable Experience

Night life in Dubai: An Unforgettable Experience

It is generally believed that one has not encountered the soul of a city until one experiences its nightlife. For some cities that appear to be very mellow during the day; it turns out to be a case of “Who let the dogs out?” at night time. While the nightlife in the UAE tends to be much mellower than in other parts of the world, it’s at its best in Dubai, the hottest nightlife city anywhere in the Middle East.

For a city that hardly sleeps, Dubai nightlife takes on a life of its own, especially in the relative safety of the city which is commonly acknowledged as one of the safest in the world; assuming a character so different from that which daytime Dubai presents that you can’t help but wonder if you’re still in the same city at night time.

From the Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, a sprawling eight-lane highway that is always lit up and bustling with traffic even at 2 a.m, with lights that bounced off the designer facades of the sky-high buildings on either side of the road; Dubai nightlife never fails to take one’s breath away no matter how many times you experience it.

Here are 5 ways to experience Dubai nightlife:

  • 1.       Night Clubbing

For a cosmopolitan city; one would naturally expect to find a plethora of nightclubs that pander to the needs of visitors to the city who come from all over the world. The club scene in Dubai is truly fabulous and attracts visitors from all over the world. From the exquisite to edgy, every kind of nightclub can be found all over the city, and come Friday night, you are spoilt for choice! Barasti (Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort) has a spectacular view of the Palm and large screens for game nights; Chi@The Lodge (Al Nasr Leisureland) boasts of a classy setting and fabulous music; Kasbar (Al Sufouh Road) is a trendy place with authentic Arabic-style decor and Nasimi Beach (Atlantis), gives you the stunning backdrop of Atlantis.

  • 2.       A Drive through the City.

Well, if you are not one of those who fancy the often high octane life of the clubs; then a nerve-calming drive in Dubai is a dream, given the superbly constructed roads with amazing and functional street lights and organized traffic. Late-night drives are a real joy, as there is lesser traffic, better music on the radio, beautiful roads to drive on, and a dazzling city to see by night. One of the more appealing places for a long drive is Al Mamzar, where a creek divides Dubai from Sharjah, and a beautiful Corniche (promenade) attracts people for leisurely after-dinner strolls.

  • 3.       A Walk Along the Marina

Dubai Marina, which is located in the newer part of town, is a waterfront lined with boats, luxury yachts, and speedboats. Along the walkway, European-style cafes stay awake with activity all through the night as families, couples and friends enjoy the lights from the towering skyscrapers beautifully reflected on the clear waters. A walk down the marina is truly a breathtaking way to experience Dubai nightlife.

  • 4.       The Catwalk Experience

With a structural theme that stays true to its name, the glowing red catwalk dominates the dance floor. In addition to innovative drinks, friendly people, and affordable prices, Catwalk offers some of the best music in town to rock to. What more could you need to experience the best of Dubai nightlife.

  • 5.       At.mosphere: A point of view from the sky

While this amazing nightlife experience may not be available to everybody; still, this list wouldn’t be complete without this amazing place mentioned. Located in the tallest building in the world 'Burj Khalifa', At.mosphere is currently the world's highest-situated restaurant according to Guinness world records. The restaurant here serves you a scrumptious meal with a view as well as the lounge for entertainment purposes. A visit to the elegant interiors for world-class cuisines at reasonable fares despite the incredible view and hospitable staff at night time will certainly show you Dubai as you have never seen it before.

Let me say here that this article only provides a shortlist of options of some of the places that could give you the satisfaction of nighttime Dubai.

Aside from the thriving club scene, here are Dubai’s prime nightlife experiences.


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