Now That Crypto Hackers Have Found Kryptonite...

Now That Crypto Hackers Have Found Kryptonite...
Who would have considered that a platform known for its cryptic method of transactions and trading could be decrypted, manipulated, and defrauded of a whopping sum of $760 million? I mean, I understand the unending efforts of hackers, but how could they have gained access to what was supposed to be the height of security in virtual asset trading? 

Blockchain security company PeckShield stated that the stolen cryptocurrency was carted by hackers and cybercriminals in 44 events that affected 53 protocols in October. Tough one, yeah? 

In another yet another mind-blowing article on cryptocurrency, digital assets, hacking, and the causes of crypto hacks, I will be sharing with you more interesting feeds on the biggest crypto hack in 2022. 

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Was there a Crypto hack in 2022? 

The biggest hack recorded in 2022 was seen last month, in October, when $718 million was stolen from the DeFi protocols. 2021 was earlier considered the year with the biggest hack up until this occurred. 

It was observed that $1.55 billion was carted in the previous year and has been considered almost double that of 2022, which is $2.98 billion of stolen crypto assets. 

Approximately $760 million worth of cryptocurrency was stolen by hackers and cybercriminals in 44 events that affected 53 protocols in October, according to statistics from blockchain security company PeckShield. 

Who were the platforms hit by cryptocurrency hacks? 

Multiple hacks were experienced on several platforms, including Temple DAO’s $2.3 million STAX exploit and Solana-based decentralized platform Mango’s $100 million exploit. 

As has been observed, cross-chain bridges have been repeatedly attacked this year as they pose a target for hackers. 

With three bridges breached in October and almost $600 million in theft recorded, 82% of losses were observed in total and 64% of losses throughout the year. 

How do hackers steal crypto wallets? 

A Bitcoin wallet may be susceptible to theft through hacking attacks due to observed security flaws. To improve convenience, service providers occasionally store private keys in virtual wallets. 

Unfortunately, a wallet's weakness can be used by hackers to quickly and easily take both access and money. 

Can stolen cryptocurrencies be traced? 

The account that holds these bitcoins can be traced; you can see when they were withdrawn and what wallets were credited. And from that starting point, you can trace their entire history on this open ledger. 

This tracing process does not come easy, however, it is worthy of trial, since you may be checking through probably thousands of transactions. 

Can stolen cryptocurrencies be recovered? 

Cryptocurrencies that have been stolen may also be recovered if they can be located. This assertion does not take away from the arduous process that went into this recuperation phase. 

DPS Cyber Security, a bitcoin recovery company, was able to locate and recover 2.4 million bitcoins for the client based on a recent incident that involved a crypto breach. 

Can the crypto market crash or fall? 

Investors and traders need to understand that the crypto market is volatile and can crash or rise at any time. 

It has been seen before when the cryptocurrency market plummeted, which is something that could probably happen again. 

Cryptocurrencies are an infamously risky investment because of their volatility; investors could also experience market swings of more than 50% in a matter of months or even 15% price increases in a single day. 


Among the most important disadvantages of cryptocurrency are its security concerns. 

Fine, you could make a fortune overnight if your wishing star was out the night before; however, this could turn out otherwise as well. 

My simple advice would be that before investing your hard-earned money in this virtual currency, investors and traders should think about these concerns. 

It is not always a jolly ride. 
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