Online shopping, how to strike a balance

Online shopping, how to strike a balance
Truth is, there is a feeling that comes with shopping. I bet some feel-good hormones be popping when you see those items showcased. Guys! Imagine when the Ps5 came out, or for the women, those Birkin bags, with the right stilettoes My My! All you had to do was provide your card details or swipe your card... especially if it’s the magic ones [Credit card] at least you don’t get to feel it as much as the debit card right now, right? 

Oh well, so you are back home and reviewing your expenses, maybe you had exceeded your limit, maybe you had even purchased the same item again or the colors are just the same as the one you had earlier had, or perhaps your thirst is yet again ravaging and you still feel the reason for more?  

Impulse purchases have been attributed to a long list of consumer's purchases online. 
Maybe it's not that big of a deal, maybe it's not even an addiction, I mean? Well, this information below would certainly come in handy for your review.  
Did you know that: 
  • Almost 40% of all money spent on the internet is spent on impulse purchases
  • Millennials were found to be over 53% more likely than any other generation to make impulse purchases.
  • Only 46% of men, compared to 52% of women, regretted an impulse purchase.  
  • 84% of all shoppers have bought something on the spur of the moment. 
  • On a scheduled shopping trip, buyers are 13% less likely to make impulse purchases. On an unplanned shipping ride, they are 24% more likely to make impulse purchases. 
So, what do you think, is online impulse buying ever OK? I still believe it’s only a problem when one is buying things, one doesn’t need or spending money one doesn’t have.  

If you happen to be in one of those categories, I would be reviewing some healthy tips to cut back on spontaneous spending and more importantly strike a balance. 

Draw up a list and stick to it
Save the day, draw up a list of items you need and items you want. Then do your research, plan the purchase and buy when the time is right. Don't get carried away by a sale that you miss out on what is a need on your list. Please, don’t buy it. Just focus on what you need and not want. 

Perform a price comparison
Compare online versus local store prices on a few items you buy frequently if you tend to buy household staples online. Check to see if there is a significant difference. 

Take a step away from your cart
Put items you're thinking about buying into your online shopping cart, then leave the site for about a day. This may help you decide if you need the item/service because you have more time to think about it, and the retailer may try to entice you to complete the purchase by sending you a discount offer that can save you money if you do decide to buy later. 

Stay off Shopping apps
Shopping apps can be risky, especially if you have post notifications enabled. Consider deleting those apps or, at the very least, turning off alerts when you're not shopping. 

Make Smart Shopping
Do your research before making a purchase. Read customer reviews and search Google to see which merchant has the best prices. Then look for sales and consider using a cashback credit card to maximize your savings. It's a good idea to keep track of which stores frequently offer attractive discounts on future purchases. 

Check out as a guest
Never, ever fall into the category of saving your card details on the merchant’s platform. The thoughts of you knowing you have your card details on the platform give beautiful reasons to shop upon sighting a new product/service. 

Kindly ensure to checkout as a guest after your needs have been sorted. 

Use Utility cards
The choice of funding a certain amount into the card for a dedicated period allows you to plan better and curb excesses. 
Change your leisure. 
Please snap out of the definition that Shopping for you is leisure. 

Kindly note that the afore listed are bare words or instruction unless your mind to it and consciously put an effort to striking a balance, and this would ripple to your credit rating, this I can assure. 

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