Online Shopping: Is it really worth it?

Online Shopping: Is it really worth it?

Don’t let's even get started with the “what I ordered for vs what I got” hashtags, I bet the list would belong. I guess you must have had an experience of some sort. Were the images from the online platform just too amazing that what you received upon delivery was close to a sham? Or is your experience that of delayed delivery from the logistics services? Or yours was a jolly good ride all the way?

Let's take a moment now, shall we? Let's roll back memories of perhaps the last 5 online purchases initiated; were they memorable for excellent service, fair enough, or terrible? If you were to rate all over 5, what would your score be? Is there a tiny teeny-weeny chance you would be placing another order tomorrow? [If you have not placed already] 

Well, your answer in the previous paragraph, I believe has answered our question on the title above.

Online shopping as you know is a type of electronic commerce in which consumers buy goods or services directly from a seller over the Internet using a web browser or a mobile app. It can be a great way to broaden your purchasing options while also saving money. Online stores compete fiercely with other retailers, causing prices to fall. Price-comparison websites help you find the best deals, and reading reviews submitted by other shoppers can help you find the online stores with the best reputations.

From this paragraph, we would be identifying the Brick-and-Mortar store as offline while doing some comparison with the online store.

People choose whether to shop online or offline for a variety of reasons. There are a number of advantages to shopping online. You can save time and money by shopping online. You can unwind at home while using your laptop to access several online shopping sites. It is simple to save money when you have the ability to compare several shopping sites online. You can always easily find the best deals. Below are some of the benefits received while shopping online or offline.

Many online stores have been discovered to sell products at low prices due to a lack of money spent on overhead compared to offline. Local stores have operating costs such as rent, water, heat, and air conditioning that are, at least partially, factored into the product markup. Online shopping can help you avoid impulse purchases, and browser plug-ins such as Rakuten can help you earn cashback when you shop. Comparison sites, such as Google Shopping, display a wide range of products and prices before you make a final decision, allowing you to make the most of your budget. Other benefits include:

No Pressure

You will not be subjected to any sales pressure if you choose to shop online. It will only take you a few minutes to compare prices and make your purchase. There will be no pushy salespeople to perplex you.

More Variety

When you shop online, you are not limited to a few options. There are thousands of products from various manufacturers from which to choose the best. When you decide to do your shopping online, you will find it much easier to find great deals.


You will not have to plan a trip to your nearest shopping center if you shop online. You have complete access to all information. You can go shopping in a short period of time. The procedure is completed in a matter of minutes, saving you both money and time.

Here, on the other hand, are some reasons why people rather do offline shopping compared to online, they are:

No Delivery lags

Customers get to walk into the store, pick up the item settled for, and walk away with the package instead of waiting on the logistics for delivery.

Staff Attention

Walking into a physical store provides perks of inquiry with the staff, read body gestures, live review on intended items for pick up, and all human feel one may require.

Customer Satisfaction

You will have a one-on-one interaction with experts. For example, you may be purchasing medical supplies and want the pharmacy attendant to explain them to you. He will provide you with a detailed explanation of what you need to obtain.

The joy of Shopping

You will have time to eat out as a result of your shopping trip. Your loved ones will be overjoyed if you decide to take them shopping. During your shopping trip with your family, you will have the best experience.

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