Palm Jumeirah Welcomes a New Beach Club

Palm Jumeirah Welcomes a New Beach Club
For the adventurous and lovers of glam, hospitality, and fine dining, this should excite you, especially those who love tailored cocktails and a complimentary ambiance to soothe their serenity. Palm Jumeirah introduces a new taste of hospitality to accommodate every lurking taste bud and fine dining. 

In this post, you will get a mental picture of the new taste of hospitality that Palm Jumeirah has recently introduced to the heart of Dubai. This would also serve as a review rating for the food curious and ambiance-seeking whenever they are around the UAE [United Arab Emirates] to enjoy Christmas [or any other day]  

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What has Palm Jumeirah launched? 

With the need for exquisite hospitality and a serene ambiance, Palm Jumeirah Public can now provide a brand-new beach club experience called Peaches and Cream. This creative was established by the hospitality business Limestone Lab. '

Where is the Peaches and Cream Club located? 

Palm Jumeirah has the Peaches and Cream club. Limestone Lab, a hospitality group, founded the club. 

The setting is an 80s Miami Beach restaurant and lounge with a Mediterranean theme, two cocktail bars, and retro-themed décor designed to evoke nostalgia. 

What unique features do peaches and cream offer? 

People who visit the club will enjoy the sight of a decent pool, tailor-made cocktails, and a specially curated menu of Mediterranean-inspired dishes. 

The venue provides a soothing sight to behold for family and friends, and likewise, a perfect spot for a romantic dinner. 

The venue also offers deals to visitors for water activities like eFoil, kayaking, and paddle boarding. 

What is Limestone Lab known for? 

Peaches and Cream is a genuinely one-of-a-kind, picture-perfect seaside restaurant that we created to give people from all walks of life a taste of the good old days. In the words of Limestone Lab's CEO and Co-Founder, Hassan Ballout, “We are overjoyed to have brought this vision to reality and can't wait for everyone to experience it!" 

Lovers of glitz and glamor can explore the endless possibilities of fine cuisine and décor with the best of hospitality and service delivery and a taste of class at the new beach club. 

If Limestone Lab had been known for anything, it would be consistency, and this has been a thing they have lived by all this time. 

Limestone Lab is an experience design studio that was created in the UAE in 2021 and has intentions to expand throughout the GCC. The company's food and beverage concepts are experiential, artistic, social, and cultural. 

Why is the Palm Jumeirah a sight to behold? 

Palm Jumeirah will always remain a beautiful sight to behold. It was built from reclaimed ground in a series of artificial archipelagos, shaped like a palm tree from an aerial view. Some of Dubai's best luxury resorts call the island home, including Atlantis, The Palm, FIVE Palm Jumeirah Hotel, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, One&Only The Palm, and many more. 


The Palm Jumeirah just added a new neighbor to their pool of exciting spots that share space on this edifice. The new beach club called Peaches and Cream is currently serving and would be a worthy spectacle for every particular about good meals, scenery, and exquisite dining. 

If you reside in Dubai or happen to be visiting any time soon, Peaches and Cream can be considered a wonderful experience. 
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