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Possible Fears From the Missile Explosion on Poland Soil

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As it is no longer news of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine that has lingered for several months now, this effect has played an adverse role in several chain reactions, including the food chain, fertilizer, technology, and also an increase in the mortality rate. 

It would have been easy to say no one likes the thought of war, but then again, I just remembered North Korea and their repeated nuclear launch exercises despite having no feud with anyone. I guess one must stay prepared as a body or a country to secure one’s own, and yes, victory can never be held if there is no combat, right? But to what length, if you ask me? 

This post shares an odd view of the recent happenings between the Russian and Ukrainian wars. We will consider the latest actions that were considered overboard, where a missile or rocket exploded at the Polish border, and the possible ripple effect. 

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Image Courtesy of Reuters 

What is the latest on the Russia-Ukraine war? 

Aside from the good news that gas and light have been restored to some parts of Ukraine that were under attack and had destroyed their properties and power sources, possible negotiation and peace talks between these two countries are yet to be seen to end the war. 

The question remains: to what end would this be? The thirst for power, territory, or a show-off? One could almost forget what started the war and what both parties hope to get at the finish line. 

On Tuesday, November 15, 2022, it was observed that an explosion occurred from a missile or rocket launch that landed in Przewodow, a remote village by the border between Poland and Ukraine. This paragraph is more interesting because Poland is under NATO. 

What is NATO? 

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is an intergovernmental organization that is also called the North Atlantic Alliance, which is a military alliance between 30 member states, comprising 28 European and two North American countries. 

In lighter English, NATO is a coalition of countries that enjoys association by shielding and protecting any of its members using military tactics that were needed against the place of dialogue. 

As I mentioned, Poland is a member of NATO, and I bet you can paint a picture already of what could happen after this observation. 

What happens after Poland experiences a missile or rocket explosion? 

There are several ways to look at this situation, but more importantly, I would implore you to be holistic in your thought process as well. First of all, several questions need answers. 

Questions like, who owns the rocket, who launched the rocket, was it aimed at the Polish soil, was it a mistake, perhaps a glitch from the missile launcher? 

One could also think, could this be a scheme by the Ukraine government to stir up the NATO community to wage war which could pose the beginning of WWIII, or could it also be a test by the Russians to see how weighty NATO could be with regards to be as a deciding body to act or waiver. 

As I mentioned, I had many thoughts. The awkward part is that any of the actions afterward could either make or mar either of the countries, perhaps even sending ripples to other countries away from NATO. 

How should NATO respond to the explosion attack on Poland? 

The rocket/missile explosion attack at the remote village of Przewodow in Poland that left two people dead is a painful experience. 

While this explosion could invoke Article 4 of the NATO constitution, which says that when a member state is threatened by another nation or a terrorist group, the NATO treaty applies. When a member state is in jeopardy, the 30 member nations begin formal consultations. 

After formal consultations, if the member of the state is in jeopardy, Article 5 will immediately be invoked. Article 5 says that the parties to the NATO treaty “agree that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all." 


Despite the heated situation between both countries, NATO may never act until they get distinct confirmation on the motive behind the explosions and they are sorted; otherwise, this could be the beginning of a bigger war than most civilians bargained for.

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© Copyright The Watchtower 2010 - .