Questions for a Web Developer Interview

Questions for a Web Developer Interview
Interviews most often than none comes with mixed emotions.  

It cuts across just like this article to both the Interviewer and the Interviewee. For the interviewer, he/she has to ensure that the right questions are asked, he/she pays keen attention to all said verbally, body gestures, and all other pointers necessary then above all, the best candidate is picked. For the Interviewee, he/she has to be sure to speak well while answering possible questions. Often, prospective candidates are nervous they don’t nail questions asked so well, not that they are not proficient in the field, perhaps they just didn’t see it coming.

Decisions are costly, actually very costly! Imagine putting in efforts to pick the right candidate for your hire as a Web developer and you missed out on some cogent questions, while this might cost you or for whatever reason you are lucky enough, in this article I would be helping you with possible questions to ask during a Web developer interview. This would come in useful for you as a business owner/interviewer and also for you as an applicant for the position of a Web developer [Afterall, nothing feels better than seeing what tomorrow looks like]

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Likely questions for a website developer during an interview

While the chain of questions could vary from tech and proficiency in a skill, other things as management and communication skills could also be considered, however, in this article, I would be addressing just the technical part of it, bearing in mind that any question could be asked during an interview.

  1. Oftentimes people start with “Tell us about the projects you have worked on so far” This helps in gathering basic information on the Web developer’s portfolio, proficiency should be addressed here. 
  2. How do you respond when an application stops working? 
  3. What have been your major challenges while using Frontend?  
  4. How do you keep up with the latest development in your field? 
  5. What aspect of coding seems difficult? 
  6. What do you understand as Long Polling? 
  7. What are the possible advantages of HTTP/2 compared to HTTP 1.1? 
  8. What do you understand by the word Cookies? 
  9. What do you understand by the word Wireframe? 
  10. What are your best soft skills? 
  11. How does one include JavaScript into HTML? 
  12. What's your view on pair programming? 
  13. How is your SQL skill? 
  14. Which CMS [Content Management System] have you worked with? 
  15. What would you identify as the difference between working on a Mobile app and Desktop development? 
  16. What are possible ways to reduce page load time? 
  17. How do you manage your negative feedback? 
  18. Is XHTML different from HTML, kindly explain. 
  19. Share with us your workflow when you create a web page. 
  20. What do you understand as CORS [Cross Origin Resource Sharing]? 
  21. Going by the HTML5 standards, list the APIs therein. 
  22. How do you deploy your SEO tools? 
  23. How do you go about organizing your JavaScript code? 
  24. Share with us the applications you like to work with? 
  25. What have been your highest point as a Web developer? 
  26. How do you handle a difficult client? 
  27. What is your view on jQuery? 
  28. How do you see yourself in 5 years? 
  29. What are your soft skills? 
  30. How much would you have us pay you?
Going by previous deliverables and the outcome, what would you do differently now? 

While the list is endless, here are some worthy minds pricking questions to stir you and guide you to what is expected as a Web developer or as an interviewer.

Interviews come with a myriad of emotions and anxiety; stay afloat by getting acquainted with possible questions and answers for your coordination.

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