Questions to Ask When Looking for a Web Developer

Questions to Ask When Looking for a Web Developer
Now you wouldn’t be that quick to hire that Web developer that pops up from Google search, would you? What if the write-ups online are just what it's supposed to do, get your attention!

No thanks to amazing content writers doing the most and new SEO [Search Engine Optimization] tools pulling weight on rankings. Judging a book by its cover should not be a final decision; at least not yet, perhaps after reading this article.

Visions could be weird, likewise objectives of an individual towards a certain course. in business, it is even weirder, since only you know what you see or foresee as the case may be. The good news is, you have a clear vision, now you intend to run a website to convey it, how best do you go about it?

An interview can only be termed productive if the right and timely answers are provided. Close to this, a set of questionnaires is effective when the right questions are asked. Since only you know where the shoe pinches, and can better tell your tale, knowing how well to convey them is also vital.  

In this article, I would guide you on interesting things to consider for yourself before choosing a Web developer and things to consider before settling for a Web developer.

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Questions to ask yourself before looking for a Web developer

The business idea has a vision, however, what is the purpose of running the website. I know the overall goal is to drive sales, perhaps other platforms could do that without this much energy. Is this to create more publicity, show off new products or services, reduce customer traffic at the physical office by migration, keep up with clients [push notifications, newsletters, etc.]? You need to find your purpose.

Don’t get carried away by the many amazing things you intend to do with the web page that you spend so much than you had bargained for. There is a need to have an idea of what charge comes with your specifications, compare price range and pin a budget.

11 Questions to ask before picking a Web developer
  1. Do you understand my goal? Have the web developer review your goal after explaining explicitly to be sure you are on the same page. 
  2. How long does your process take so I can have heads up and better plan my business? 
  3. You must consider the portfolio of your prospective web developer, see who they have worked with, and the period as well. 
  4. May I liaise with any of your clients for review and confirmation? 
  5. Ask if they would build the website using templates or they would build from scratch. If either, this would give you an idea of what to expect in the process flow. You can then seek to know and understand the process of how they intend to build your website. 
  6. Ask if they consider reviews and how many if they do. This review makes you see what your page would be looking like, usually, the number of reviews in most cases is free and if after the agreed number of reviews and you seek corrections, some charges apply. ask the charge applied. 
  7. Seek to know if they make use of Search Engine Optimization. Ask their plans and the tools used. Ensure that they make use and follow the SEO rules and not cut corners to avoid your web page being blocked by search engines. 
  8. What security measures are you putting in place on my website? Ask to know how your site would be prevented from hackers on the backend. Ask who does the update for patches, bugs, plugins, and backup as well. 
  9. What is the cost implication of my request? Negotiate where necessary. Ask if the charge includes Domain purchase and host services. Consider all the benefits of the charge. 
  10. What edge do you have to offer compared to rivals in the business? What makes you unique? What greater value do you have if I choose to work with you? 
  11. Would I be receiving the original files? This should never be backed down as many things could warrant the need for original files in the future. Ask! 
Whatever you settle for, please draw up a contract and sign.  

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