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Reasons why visitors leave your website

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Every online store owner has one common person they reverence, the user. From the very phase of ideation/conceptualization, target audience, threats, platforms, and sustainability/consistency, it had always been about the online surfers/users, whom we understand as potential customers.

It is good enough to know that you have carefully mapped out a business plan following a model, you have a worthy good or service that would save mankind, you have the best team sourced around the world which answers that you also have funds to finance your project, but why aren't people finding your website worthy of their time?

In this yet another insightful article brought to you by The Watchtower - Web Design Agency Dubai, the very best when it comes to IT solutions, I would be telling you what you might have been doing wrong on your website or online platforms so confidently.

Before we proceed, it would be imperative to let you know that a large number of online users have a defined intent when they come online, some for pleasure/leisure while others in the quest for service, information, or purchase. This implies that when they find a page, they have [on one hand] a benchmark of their search which they tend to cross-check over time; a sizeable quadrant ends up losing the benchmark and settle for what has suddenly mesmerized them than their expectation, the better half of the users give up almost halfway [the purpose of this article], a very few left of the quadrant goes in continuous search for the imaginary benchmark.

Here are 7 things that count which you don’t count on your website

Permit me to say, Time is money. Nobody has that great resource of time to waste when it takes almost forever for your page to load. Even if the user intended to waste some time, this is not how they had planned to. There are ways to avoid things like your page loading time by simply ensuring your colors and image sizes are not heavy. Speak to your web designer/developer for a review on your page loading time to have a greater user experience.

A man can tell a good joke, but not at a funeral of a beloved... even when he/she has a great sense of humor. Moral: there is a need to know what to write or say at the right time.

Content writing is a major player in the effect of user retention on your website. Are you writing on your service or product? Make your point where necessary and avoid long epistles [unless when necessary] avoid typographical errors [the world is watching], avoid repetition of sentences paraphrased. 

Just because an image is everything and perception is a new reality, therefore every online business owner has just one opportunity to convince an online surfer that coincidentally comes across your page/website. Since you are unable to interface and sway the potential customer physically by appealing to their buying power, one of your few options is a quality visual representation. Please don’t take this for granted. If you would need quality cameras for that good image, you could consider a professional where necessary, just ensure that image comes out sharp.

Kindly ensure to have a discussion with your designer to have your services or products clearly and visibly identified on the page. Let the order of key points on what you render be stated in an orderly manner for easy reach. More importantly, let it be clear.

This is quite similar to the previous point [Order] in which your services are placed in an orderly pattern, in addition, this addresses the navigation of the Menu/Services by the user. The navigation must be smooth and has no iota of stress to finding what inspired your visit.

I can’t count how many websites I have visited in recent times that were last updated a year ago. One of the perceptions that an online user perceives is that a functional website should have updated information. This is how we see that you’re still in business and not fraud or closed down. I think it is more of unwritten law and you would agree that unwritten laws possess are weightier than written laws.

How can users reach you when they come online? Ensure you have your address, phone number, social media handles, and even a chat box in some cases where people could easily reach you for questions, inquiries, and possible closure of the sale.

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