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Reasons You Still Sweat After Using a Good Swab of Your Deodorant

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Have you encountered this at some point when you make use of your deodorant [roll on] on your armpit to avoid a stink, likewise bringing a good smell to the region, and you observe a few moments later that you are profusely sweating in that region even after a good waxing? 

Well, don’t be too worried, at least not yet. There are other things that you should consider. 

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What is the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant? 

While both are in the same field of mission, which is to keep the armpits from stinking, there is a difference between both. The deodorant does more to give a good smell to the armpit region to protect it from producing a foul smell when the gland secreted from sweat mixes with bacteria.  

The antiperspirant works almost in a similar way to keep the armpit region dry by freezing the sweat pores and also enhancing them with a fragrance to combat the possible stench. 

What could be the reason for sweating after using a deodorant or antiperspirant? 

1. Perhaps you need to scrub the region more. 
There is a need to understand that your skin could have been exposed to more bacteria than you had before. This is not odd, as it could happen to anyone. Just vigorously exfoliating under your arms can change the flora of your skin and alter how you smell.  

2. Perhaps it is a medical condition. 
Hyperhidrosis is a medical disorder that causes excessive sweating, which anyone can get at any stage in their lives, and it is characterized by excessive perspiration. 

This is because excessive sweating can be a condition in and of itself, but there is also a condition known as secondary hyperhidrosis, which can be a side effect of medication or result from an underlying medical condition like arthritis, menopause, hyperthyroidism, pregnancy, or rheumatoid. 

What can be done after observing that the deodorant/antiperspirant doesn’t work? 

  1. You may need to check the items you use and look out for expiration dates. 
  2. You may need to check the properties of the items, and if you were using a deodorant earlier, you may need to consider using an antiperspirant instead.  
  3. You may need to shave off the hair in that region, as the bushy hair might have been blocking the spray from lying on the sweat ducts. 
  4. You may need to wash off that region more often to clear out all forms of newly developed bacteria, which can happen at anytime. 
  5. If you have done all these things and you don’t get a better result, you may need to see your doctor as there could be some medical complications you were not aware of. 

By the way, you are not seeing a medical doctor in this case since it is a matter of things related to the skin. Therefore, it is advised to see a dermatologist for review and possible medical checkups if necessary. 

If you happen to be pregnant, though, since it is one of the reasons one sweats more, you may liaise with your doctor first about antenatal care. 

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