Roli Announce Lumi Keys

Roli Announce Lumi Keys

Designed by experienced musicians and education experts, Lumi Keys helps you dive straight into playing from the very beginning while having fun throughout the journey. This fantastic instrument comes with an app and comprises 800+ songs, 250+ lessons, 350+ exercises, and plenty of musical arcade games.

In short, it is a platform offering multiple musical adventures to make you a piano master.

Not only this, but Lumi Keys also has numerous other interesting features that will keep you on your toes.


Why Choose LUMI Keys?

Usually, most people find it challenging to learn to play the piano without a dedicated professional. You must have also felt overwhelmed starting with a piano. The slow and tedious process makes the learner feel discouraged and eventually give up on the piano. A report by ABRSM also confirms this, stating 90% of learners eventually give up on learning their musical instrument due to the earlier stated reason.  

To overcome this hurdle, the Roli team believed there was a better way and has come up with a brilliant way of learning. They created LUMI Keys to break barriers and help budding artists learn to play piano keyboard in a uniquely absorbing and instructive system.

With this instrument, you will learn the core skills like rhythm, hand positioning, note recognition, and performing styles.


What Makes LUMI Stand Apart?


Learn By Sound And Vision

With LUMI, visual learners can perform straight away without having any prior understanding of music theory because of its innovative new ways of showing notes and colorful, lit keys. Playing your first tunes will be much simpler than ever before with this "paint by numbers" method. And these enjoyable early experiences will motivate you to move on to more difficult music.


Make use of Guided Curriculum

The planned curriculum that serves as the foundation of the LUMI experience will lead you through your first steps as a musician.

You'll learn new ideas in manageable chunks thanks to a carefully curated mix of interactive classes, and activities and songs along the way will help you reinforce your skills.


Learn and Play Music You Love

Learn to play the music you enjoy from the start, irrespective of the genre, whether classical, pop, rock, or electronic. No matter your ability level, you'll keep returning for more because of LUMI's captivating assortment of music, which goes far beyond conventional pieces.



Get Instant Feedback

LUMI can provide feedback after every practice session when no trainer is available. The LUMI app comprises various components intended to recognize your accomplishments, monitor your development, and point out areas where you can improve. The drive to practice will come if you set your own goals.


Different Features of LUMI Keys


1. Four Playing Views

When playing a LUMI song, you have the option of four performing views -

i. Cascade View

ii. Rainbow View

iii. Color Note View

iv. Classic View


2. Practicing At Your Pace


With LUMI Keys, you can practice per your speed since it offers four different options for pace.

i. Make Notes Wait: It can be instrumental in pausing between each note when learning new music. When you're ready to continue, both the Lumi app and LUMI Keys lights will wait.

ii. Slow Down Any Song: Finding the normal speed challenging? Simply play your part slower until you can play it perfectly.

iii. Snap To Rhythm: You can tap to activate the LUMI metronome if you need help keeping time.

iv. Pause Then Play: Lessons will pause for you at specific times so you can follow your Coach and position your fingers.


3. Progress Tracker

You are constantly updated on your progress by LUMI Keys. With every song and lesson, you finish, record your progress. Even if you play a late or early note, you will eventually know.

4. Advanced Learning Keyboard


One of the main reasons to buy LUMI Keys is its latest technology.

The keyboard is backed by Brightkey technology, enabling RGB light to shine from the top to each key’s tip. In addition, the makers have also integrated Fresnel lens-inspired design.

It doesn’t end here! LUMI Keys also enable seamless real-time connectivity with Bluetooth. Besides its advanced technology, the keyboard is lightweight and wireless, adding extra stars to its portability.

Roli announces Lumi Keys, a promising innovation in music technology. Aspiring musicians can now find mentors and secure smart money investments for their journey into music production. Lumi Keys represents an exciting step forward, bridging creativity and financial support in the evolving landscape of musical expression.


LUMI KEYS Technical Specifications


i. Keys: Lumi Keys has 24 keys that are fully lit using ROLI Brightkey technology.

ii. Key Size: DS 5.5®, 9.67mm wide high keys, and 19.4mm wide low keys.

iii. Key Plunge: 10mm

iv. Octave Range: 2 octaves with octave shift buttons for full 7 octaves are available.

v. Modular Design: 8 DNA connectors to attach extra LUMI Keys or ROLI BLOCKS.

vi. Battery: Rechargeable Lithium battery (2,300 mAh) provides 6 hours of illuminated playing. Charge time is 4-5 hours

v. Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 and USB-C port (MIDI out and power)

vi. Bluetooth Range: 15 meters (50 feet)

vii. Dimensions: (L x W x D) 282mm x 141mm x 27mm (11" x 5.5" x 1")

viii. Expressive Performance: Pressure-responsive keys featuring Polyphonic Aftertouch

ix. Weight: 600g (1.3lbs)

Along with these features, Lumi Keys Offers 30 days home trial, a money-back guarantee, and 2 Years warranty. 

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