Saving the Earth, UAE Clean Energy Projects

Saving the Earth, UAE Clean Energy Projects
The health status of our precious earth is one that quite precarious now. It is clear that the earth is very sick and the parasite that is killing it is the human beings living within her. For many many decades and centuries now, human actions, inaction, and indifference have left the earth dying by installment.

Since the Industrial Revolution of the 18th - 19th centuries, in particular, the amount of toxic pollution that has been released into our planet has been increasing as human technology advanced. Deadline radiation emissions from nuclear power plants, massive oil spills, gas flaring, Carbo monoxide emissions from automobiles, chlorofluorocarbons, and other toxic products have been released into earth's oceans, seas, and other water sources; as well as onto land and the atmosphere.

The consequences of man's indiscretions inactions regarding the sustainability of the earth are finally here to haunt us. Global warming, greenhouse emissions, melting polar ice caps, heat waves, are only the beginning of our troubles. 

Still, the powers that be in the nations that should be at the vanguard of saving the earth seem not to be interested in doing so, or are the very best, dragging their feet in doing so. This is befuddling especially against the fact that even if we do not experience the cataclysmic heights of nature's reactions to our centuries of poisoning the earth; our children's future on earth may, however, not be so guaranteed. 

Perhaps, the reason why the super nations are not bothered is that they already have plans to leave us - the mere mortals - on this seemingly doomed earth for a faraway place on Mars. 

But the earth can still be saved. Can't it? 
The authorities of the United Arab Emirates are some of those who not only believe in the salvation of the earth but are already doing their part to save it. 

As a country located in the Middle East, the birthplace of crude oil, with over 10% of the total world oil deposit reservoirs in the region; it is therefore highly commendable that the UAE, has instead of choosing to depend on their large deposit of crude oil to continue to power their country; they have chosen to look towards doing so through alternative clean energy sources. 

The UAE now has the newest nuclear energy plant in the world built to provide 25% of their energy needs in the country. Situated in the Barakah region of the emirate, this plant is not only the newest but also one of the safest nuclear reactors in the world. Every operation is tested 25000 times for safety assurance and the reactor provides energy with zero carbon emissions. 

As a source of energy, the nuclear plant is scientifically certified to be about 250 times safer than the biggest oil fields having been designed, built, and operated according to the strictest International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) guidelines. Commissioned recently, the nuclear plant began a commercial supply of energy on April 6, 2021, with the total construction cost coming to around $24.4 billion. 

Even though a nuclear power plant is a today, probably the apex stage of alternative source of energy supply; the UAE continue to explore all other alternative sources of clean energy like solar energy. The country boasts of the largest stand-alone Solar panel field in the world with over 3.2 million solar panels. This solar power source can provide energy to about 90,000 homes and is also 100% safe. 

The future can be safe if all the nations of the world take steps, no matter how small a step, to clean their environments and find all the ways to live sustainably so that the future of the earth and those of our children can be safe and perhaps, guaranteed. 

Elon Musk with Tesla cars, LG with Eco-friendly appliances, the UAE with solar and nuclear power energies are taking that step already. 
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