The WhatsApp Launcher App 2021 - Send WhatsApp Message Without Saving Number

The WhatsApp Launcher App 2021 - Send WhatsApp Message Without Saving Number

One of the most frequently used social media app across all age brackets would be WhatsApp messenger.  

WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned cross-platform freeware centralized instant messaging (IM) and voice-over-IP (VoIP) have enjoyed great acceptance since it found its way in 2009, and going by the fact that it requires no need for payment/subscription, it made market penetration across the OS [Operating System] stores easier. 

WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned cross-platform freeware centralized instant messaging (IM) and voice-over-IP (VoIP) service which provides users the simplicity to interact using text and voice messages, as well as initiate audio and video calls, share data files, and user locations with ease is without a doubt a well-used social media app. 

In today’s article, I shall brief you on what the WhatsApp Launcher is, its benefits, Progressive Web Apps [PWA], and how you could utilize this unique service seamlessly on your devices. 

What about the WhatsApp launcher? 

WhatsApp launcher is simply an app programmed to save you from the stress of saving every person’s number before you initiate a chat or exchange files via WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp launcher simply beats standard process which before now have you store a number on your SIM with your service provider before any conversation could get started. I mean, why must I have everyone’s number stored before I initiate a chat just to forward a receipt or receive a quotation or have a short-lived communication... then read further, TheWatchtower WhatsApp Launcher is the elixir. 

The Watchtower WhatsApp Launcher is proudly built by The Watchtower Dubai, is the first of its kind in your Instant Messaging [IM] services. 

How the Watchtower WhatsApp Launcher works

The Watchtower WhatsApp launcher is the first of its kind and was developed as a PWA to ensure easy use across both Mobile devices and Personal Computers [PC]. 

The PWA enjoys modern Web API along with the conventional strategy to provide cross-platform web applications, such that the app works everywhere providing multiple features that guarantee the same user experiences as native apps. 

See the following steps below for your guide. 

1. You can access The Watchtower WhatsApp Launcher unique service via the URL

2. Once you hit the URL from your device, it launches an interface that provides a pop-up box where you enter the phone number of the recipient [including the country code since the service is not limited to your demographic], then proceeds to enter the intended message. Once completed, you can hit the “Chat on WhatsApp” icon. 

3. Depending on the device in use, you get a WhatsApp API [Application Programming Interface] launched, simply tick the box, and select the “continue to chat” icon displayed. You must have observed your message earlier typed seen faintly below. 

4. This takes you to the chat page of your WhatsApp and then you can proceed with the communication file you intend since WhatsApp can accommodate Instant Messaging [IM], Voice-Over Internet Protocol [VoIP], and all that magic. 

10 Benefits of using The Watchtower WhatsApp Launcher

1. It is free and easy to use. 

2. It saves you time and space on your device from saving multiple phone numbers, especially when it is a one-off service. 

3. The Watchtower WhatsApp Launcher has the share button to enable you to share this unique service to friends, colleagues, or acquaintances where necessary. This feature cuts across multiple platforms for ease of use. 

4. It is PWA enabled, therefore could conveniently run on both Mobile phones and PCs. 

5. The Watchtower WhatsApp launcher is user-friendly and has easy navigation. 

6. You can keep tabs on your communication using the WhatsApp launcher. 

7. The Watchtower WhatsApp Launcher provides you the access to initiate chat to different countries by simply entering the country code before initiating a chat, hence no boundaries on your demographic. 

8. Loading time is smooth, and every click triggers the next action immediately. 

9. The process is faster than storing numbers on your device and then initiating a chat. 

10. It is the first of its kind. So you get to be part of the first few to explore new technology. 

If you would forget anything from this article, don’t forget to hit the URL button provided above for your trial, and when you see how seamless it is, please do well to hit the share button with your circle. 

To be abreast on updates about The Watchtower WhatsApp launcher, steps to downloading The Watchtower WhatsApp Launcher on your device, FAQs, and updates on the WhatsApp Launcher app, you can always trust The Watchtower, the best and award-winning Web Development Company in Dubai. 

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