SEO in 2022 Trends Marketers Should Take Note Of

SEO in 2022 Trends Marketers Should Take Note Of
Research shows that over 50% of internet users enter websites by clicking on them in organic search results. These are huge numbers that every website owner should take advantage of if they want to be competitive. The best way to appear on organic results is by implementing strong SEO practices.

As a marketer, you need to stay updated on the latest SEO trends. For instance, it will help to update your SEO knowledge with the trends that will matter in 2022. This article will discuss the trends you should know to ensure your website ranks high on search engines.

Let’s check them out below
1. AI-assisted Voice Search
For many people, speaking is much easier than typing. This is why 2022 will be a golden year for AI-assisted voice search. This technology will gain traction as people continue to install AI-powered assistants in their homes. Excellent examples include Google and Axela assistant.

However, you’ll need to optimize your website for voice search queries. Also, you should check your content then make it brief and conversational. Then use long-tail keywords and avoid robotic language in your content. All these will improve user experiences with voice search.

2. Focus on Mobile Website Indexing
About 4.28 billion or 90% of internet users go online using a mobile device. This means your website will attract many of them if they can access it with their devices. Also, they will spend more time browsing as a responsive website means a better browsing experience.

Mobile-friendliness has been critical in the past and will continue to be in 2022. You’ll benefit more from mobile traffic if you invest in a mobile-friendly website. Start by structuring your website accordingly and use an indexing crawler to check how your website is performing.

3. Long-Form Content Will Remain Prominent
Google, like its users, hates filler content. But then, it loves long-form content that offers real value to the user. Thus, you should ensure that your website content is long. This should be at least 3,000 words that are purely beneficial to the intended user.

But then, it is vital to divide the content into smaller parts. You can use headings like H1, H2, etc., to make this as easy as possible. Then, go ahead and include lists and real-life examples that will provide the user with information by simply skimming through your content.

You can achieve all this by having a robust content development strategy. For beginners, you can work with a marketing agency for startups to build such a strategy for your business. It will help you have a plan that will help you create content that delivers the desired value and ensure positive SEO outcomes.

4. Featured Snippets
These will also be worth keeping an eye on in 2022. They help improve user experiences because they provide short and accurate answers to customer queries. This means you can use them to increase your content’s click-rate if you make them intriguing to users.

Featured snippets are also suitable for popularizing a brand. As mentioned, the easiest way to get the desired value from them is by making them grab user attention. Optimize them with the right keywords, and they’ll appear on the correct searches, then bring you organic traffic.

5. On-Page Experience
Google and other search engines take customer experiences seriously. Your website will not rank on the first page if you do not emphasize user experience. Various essential metrics will help you check if you are providing the desired experiences.

For instance, you should ensure that your content answers customer queries from the onset. It also should be clear and concise. Also, making your website navigable will make it easier for them to access and read the content. That will help attract higher rankings to your website.

6. Google’s EAT Principle
 The number of keywords in a piece of content no longer matters when ranking websites. It is the quality of a website’s content that search engines are interested in. Google uses its Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EAT) principle to check the quality of a website’s content and then determine its rank.

This means that your content needs to show:

● Expertise. By making it worthwhile to your topic and audience. 
● Authoritativeness. By using high-quality internal and external links. 
● Trustworthiness. By publishing factual and verifiable content. 

7. Page Loading Times Will Still Be Vital
It is vital to ensure that your website loads within 2 seconds. This is because internet users and humans, in general, have a short attention span. This means they could click away from it if it doesn’t load quickly. That could cost you potential customers and affect your business’s sales.

Optimizing your website to load faster should be a priority in 2022. You can do this by creating content that doesn’t require too much bandwidth to load. This means optimizing visuals like images and videos. In the end, this will help boost user experiences and help boost your sales.

8. Accessibility
Website visibility and good SEO don’t come easy. Owners, as said before, are investing in making their websites as user-friendly as possible. One way they’re doing this is by considering people with hearing and visual impairments. This ensures everyone can access their content.

You should keep accessibility for all in your 2022 website development plans. As a marketer, this will help you beat your competitors and enjoy more visibility on the internet. It will also help do an accessibility audit on your website to ensure it remains friendly to every user.

Well, those are the SEO trends that every marketer should know ahead of 2022. The internet has about 200 million active websites as of today. This means it is a competitive space where you need the right strategies to thrive. The tips shared in this article will simplify that for you.

By now, you should know what you can do to optimize your website for SEO in 2022. This will make it easier to attract more organic traffic to your website in the upcoming year. It will also help you increase your conversions as organic traffic has a higher return on investment.

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