Seven Amazing Digital Marketing Facts You Need to Know

Seven Amazing Digital Marketing Facts You Need to Know

The essence of Digital Marketing is the combination of technologies and marketing principles on digital platforms and mobile devices. Digital marketing is a marketing strategy that any company, large or small, online or offline, can use to expand their business; but, what exactly is it and how can it benefit you and your business?

Digital marketing and communication practices conducted across online media platforms are referred to as digital marketing. The aim is to help you get heard, generate leads, and then convert those leads into returning customers.

Here are 7 incredible digital marketing facts you probably didn't know. 

1. Let your customers find you rather than you seeking them

Your clients would find it easier to contact you if you use social media. They will look up your brand, browse your product categories, request a price and invite you to give them an email for more details. The most advantageous aspect is that you will personally engage with your clients and learn about their desires and feedback to decide the next process.

 2Emails are mostly read on smartphones rather than desktop computers

The number of emails opened via mobile users has risen by 88 percent in the last seven months, this means that it is important to customize your business newsletters and emails to be more mobile-friendly.

With more consumers purchasing goods via smartphone, it's no wonder that mobile conversion rates are increasing. What is interesting is how much more valuable they are than laptop clicks. Within a year, email conversion rates increased across the board. During the same time frame, desktop traffic showed significantly lower conversion rates across the board.

 3. Blogging Is More Important Than You Think

The most essential factor is the quality of your posts. Blogging and sharing related content is an extremely effective method for increasing access to the website and services. This greatly aids Search engine rankings because it offers Google and other search engines an incentive to re-crawl the website in search of new material to index.

Blogs have 63% more sway over buying decisions than newspapers. It can also make a significant impact on your search results and increase your SEO score.

 4. You may not have to constantly track and monitor the process every time.

With digital marketing's automation advantage, you can plan your marketing strategy from the very first phase of the purchasing process to the purchase point. Marketing automation will also help you maintain your client relationships. It will increase your ROI (Return On Investment) while decreasing your operating costs. It allows you to concentrate on more meaningful things rather than performing boring and repeating tasks. 

5. You have 8 seconds to get their attention

The average person has an attention span of just 8 seconds, so make sure your website is tailored for speed and each social post is appealing to customers. In eight seconds, a lot could happen. While it may seem that there isn't enough time for something important to happen, a dozen of your prospective buyers have fallen in or out of love with your brand over this period.

 6. You can save your money

The internet is one of the most effective money-saving strategies for any company. It takes time to establish an online presence, but once you do, it is much easier to communicate with customers, clients, and anyone else who is interested in your brand.

Through a brand marketing campaign on the website, you will cut the budget for flyers and brochures, which can save you a lot of money in terms of manufacturing and labor. With a measurable number of people familiar with your name, it would be more cost-effective.

Furthermore, social media, which will assist you in creating your company profile at no expense, can assist you in and the brand's interaction with recognizable future buyers.

 7. People Want good Content

Brands are expected to produce content by 84%. Consumers today are drawn to convincing graphics and images, so including visuals on your social media are essential for your business.

Your content expresses your message, educates your readers, and persuades them to choose your goods and services over those of your competitors. In reality, one of the most important things you can do to draw customers and generate interest in your company is to have high-quality content.


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