Steps to Learn Web Design

Steps to Learn Web Design

Looking back now, learning how to ride a bicycle isn't as difficult as you imagined it then, right? To think that would have been a scene from Mission Impossible, but hey! you pulled it through just like Tom Cruise with all the merits. It sure feels good scaling through a task or project that had appeared not feasible, I mean... how can I learn web design all by myself? Well, don’t sweat it! If you could ride a bicycle, you would certainly do just fine with this.

Web designing, just like many skills requires a great deal of effort, but for me, the starting point would be willpower. If there be a will to learn, then we can certainly achieve.

In this article, I would be sharing with you some basic steps to learn Web design in 2021

Perhaps you are considering a career path, or maybe it's just for information's sake, or you intend to add it to your many laurels, these simple steps would guide and embrace you into the world of Web designing.

First is Web Design Theory

There is a need to understand the theory of web design before beginning to develop its skill, it is crucial to first identify and learn the fundamentals of web design. Fundamentals like the User Experience (UX) and its best practices, the striking need for a visual appeal and user-friendliness. Understanding that a good user experience is essential since it determines the chances of visitors returning to your website. This theory is golden for every web designer, since the sole aim for a running website is customer satisfaction.

To this end, there are free online courses that give an updated in-depth in the theory of web design; you should learn and understand them for your proficiency.

Second are the Web Design Tools

Just like every artisan knows the right tools for a job, a web designer should get acquainted with the working tools. it is sacrosanct to familiarize yourself daily with working tools used in the field. Being updated with standard and modern tools will give you an edge and make work seamless. I understand Web design is broad, but every web designer should be skilful as it helps your bank of creativity.

Here are 3 Website design tools for your guide:

1 - HTML

Hyper Text Mark-up Language is a coding language used to put content on a web page and give it structure. You might not have considered that a web designer would require to know how to code, but these days, coding is an expected skill for most design jobs. What HTML does is turn a bunch of words into headlines or footers, while having a fine blend with those amazing content-like photos, videos, and graphics on a website as intended.

2 - CSS

The code that tells browsers how to format and style HTML for a web page is known as Cascading Style Sheets. This is where your creative well comes into play. In other words, it is responsible for making all of the text and other content look good. You can use CSS to change the colours, fonts, and add a beautiful background, among other things.


JavaScript is a scripting language that is required to create dynamically updating content, animate images, and a host of other amazing things. It permits you to change elements on a website from being static to interactive.

Third is to try WordPress

If there is a friend you should interact with daily as a Web designer, it must be the WordPress.

WordPress is a popular CMS [Content Management System] among many website builders around the world. Its popularity stems from the fact that it is extremely user-friendly and adaptable for beginners, graphic designers, web designers, and developers alike. WordPress is mainly sought after since anyone can create a good website without having a coding or design background. it is easy to use and its system uses a point-and-click interface which makes the fundamentals simple to learn. With a dedicated use of this platform, any novice can turn into a professional over time.

Enough said! Practice, they say makes perfect. I will urge you to make use of WordPress often. Take up courses online; there are several free courses on Udemy and some other platforms for your delight. The motto is to keep the fire of learning burning and you will do exceptionally well in this field of Web designing.

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