Students do the craziest things - Part 1 & 2

Students do the craziest things - Part 1 & 2

Part 1

Bob is an ordinary kid in a “lifelong high” with all of his friends, and they behaved in the craziest ways, like that time Kevin, a friend of Bob mopped the floor with his own hair.

Here is how it started. Kevin tried to play a prank on Bob in the hallway, so he poured a bucket of red paint on the floor next to his locker, so typical old Bob was walking to his locker to get ready for the next class when he slipped and bumped his head, then the principal called Kevin and told him to mop the floor and then he dipped his head in water and Bob used him as a mop that was how he ended up using his hair to mop the floor

Part 2

Another crazy adventure was with my friend Frank that is when he picked gum from under the table and chewed it.

It all started like this, Frank chewed his gum by the normal time he chews it 2:35PM, 15mins before school ends. When he finished, he dropped the gum on the floor then Bob stepped on it and tripped over the gum and two of his teeth fell out. The principal called Frank and told him to pick up all the gum from under the tables of his class, grade 9.When he was picking the gum, he heard that there is a big game in the school field, so he tried to be faster, it worked but the problem was to get the gum to the trash can, but the class felt like a mile, instead, he put the gum in his mouth and chewed it to preserve. He got a belly ache as a result of that. But what can you say? Students really do the craziest things.

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