Students do the craziest things - Part 3 & 4

Students do the craziest things - Part 3 & 4

Part 3

Another crazy thing happened when we entered the 10th grade. Dave likes football so, he always brings his ball to school, and it all began like this.

Dave brought his ball to school as usual. He played the ball in the hallway and it hit Bob right on the face then the principal called him in and gave him a punishment to clean in between the principal’s toes but he did not do it the normal way, he used his teeth to do it . He heard he was the big star of the baseball games so he needed to play in the ongoing match, in order to do it fast, he did not use nail clippers as the principal suggested instead  he had to use his teeth! Students really do the craziest things

Part 4

This is the story of my best friend named Devin, he is the second craziest of them all. one day, he was so wacky that he spanned and hit Bob in the face.

Typical Bob was walking on his own to the next class when Devin came out and started spinning because he was excited. You must be wondering why, well, because he was getting a skateboard that day. He could not control himself so he just started spinning. So after Devin hit Bob, the principal called him to his office as usual and gave him a punishment and told him to sit down in his class before class started so he got bored and went to the hallway half naked. they really do the craziest things!!!

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