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The Best Company for Web design in Dubai

The Best Web Development Agency in UAE

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Swimming for me is one of the many ways I love to relax. At some point, my Saturdays were set aside for this recreational act. Asides from the fact that I get to meet wonderful people while showcasing my almost medal awarded swim strokes; it is the sample of many swim strokes I tend to explore in the pool that makes my day. I get to try out different swimming styles every time, but many times when asked which my best is, without any hesitation I am quick to say, ‘The Freestyle’.

Likened to swim strokes, there are many websites design companies out here in Dubai and perhaps some have been in your face or you may have even had a business relationship with one or more. Maybe they served you just as you wanted, or maybe otherwise. Before I proceed with this article, I would like to answer the question asked.

What's the best company for Web design in Dubai UAE?

The Watchtower Dubai is the leading and most affordable Web Design and Development Company in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Since 2016, we have been known as the best website design and development company in Dubai. With a massive portfolio of projects and clients, you can always trust us to deliver your projects in due time. We are not only restricted to Web Design and Development alone, we are also the best and most trusted SEO Company both in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates all together. We also have a branch in London and our reputation is gradually growing in the United Kingdom as the leading Web Design, Web Development and SEO Agency in London as well.

For many, sharing my experiences on other Swimming strokes and why I settled for Freestyle was convincing, others had to see for themselves when we did laps. In today’s article, I would be sharing with you the reason for my pick and more importantly, I would recommend you see for yourself by consulting and having a business relationship with The Watchtower Dubai.

What makes them tick?

Amongst many websites design and development agencies in Dubai, The Watchtower has built over 1000 websites using a variance of tools, from the CMS [Content Management System] for straightforward sites to custom-built apps and web portals, which has proven their expertise in developing any website of any level of complexity. 

With choice experts who focus on ensuring web designs are usable and compatible with all devices and platforms, business owners and users have no worries about compatibility.

Apart from designing and development, they also take a conscious move to train and support clients to get acquainted with the website built. This helps shape users experience by developing a website that brings them closer to their brand. 

With a team of seasoned web developers who are highly experienced in almost every kind of website including the best open-source platforms like Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal, one can be sure that one’s website will have a robust structure and up-to-date for taking one’s business forward. 

Types of websites created at The Watchtower Dubai:

1.      Corporate Websites

2.      Landing Pages

3.      Portfolio Websites

4.      eCommerce Websites

5.      Web Applications and many more.

Among many unique mantras, The Watchtower holds 3 recipes dear to their name. They are:


With well-seasoned professionals who take note of every requirement of the client and excellent communication in its purest form, such that once an understanding is matched, they proceed to draw the blueprint and create a user-friendly website that will adapt to any screen size and give a very wholesome experience.


They also consciously strengthen the client’s website with high-speed load rates, search engine optimized content, eye-catching designs, effective Call to Actions, and other features that will delight potential customers. 

With the highly personalized essential features to the website, it is no surprise that the tools attract a targeted audience and convert website traffic into sales, ultimately increasing profit index and ROIs. 


The Watchtower uses high-quality tools and advanced software to optimize every website. Enhancements like the Website speed, load time, performance on different devices and browsers, A/B testing, Google analytics data analysis, and usability feature are some of the parameters that are identified and take care to optimize the website to help the client get the projected final results.

Features of their Web designs include:

1.      Exceptional Customer Service

2.      Website Syncing Content

3.      Impressive Website Animations

4.      Responsive and User Friendly Designs

5.      Highly Optimized Website Contents

6.      Best Possible Customization for your Website

So if you ask me again who the best company for Web Design in Dubai UAE is, just like my best swim stroke without hesitation I would say The Watchtower Dubai.

For more information on the best Web design company in Dubai UAE or Web design company, Website Development, Digital Marketing, and SEO, you can always trust The Watchtower, the best and award-winning Dubai and London-based Web Development Company.

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© Copyright The Watchtower 2010 - .