The Tactical Subscription Box: Must-Have Gear for Preppers

The Tactical Subscription Box: Must-Have Gear for Preppers

Do you enjoy exploring nature in thought-provoking or remote environments? Mountaineering, hiking, camping, and backpacking are tactical adventures that involve high-risk levels. You require problem-solving skills, the right gear, and knowing your limits for a safe outdoor experience. Emergencies and disasters happen during tactical adventures.

Learn survival skills and stockpile enough water and food. As a prepper, a tactical subscription box is a must-have. Get subscription boxes packed with quality and practical gear for managing situations such as SHTF scenarios and emergencies.

Essential Gear Preppers Need for Tactical Adventures

Tactical subscription boxes are the quickest way to get top-quality gear for tactical adventures. You can discover new brands and products and prepare for emergencies. The items in every tactical subscription box depend on your provider, but below are the must-haves.

1. Multi-Tool



A multi-tool is the handiest way to carry multiple tools packaged for portability and convenience. The tools depend on brand and model, but pliers, tweezers, rulers, can openers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, and knives are standard options. High-value brands offer flashlights, fire starters, compasses, and other high-value items.

Choose tactical subscription boxes like Crate Club with the tools you need for your specific tasks.

The make and materials of the multi-tool should meet minimal quality standards. Similarly, the weight should be manageable for ease of transportation. Think about the value you’re getting and whether it is worth the amount you pay.

2. Water Purification System

When exploring the mountains, the wildness, or the seas, chances are you will not have access to clean water. Carrying bottled water is not an option, especially for a few days of camping, cruising, mountaineering, or hiking. A water purification system utilizes handy resources to give you more usable and clean water. The best solution can remove contaminants in water sourced from rivers, lakes, and boreholes.

Many tactical subscription boxes offer membrane, gravity, pump, UV, and chemical water purifiers. The best system is subject to the value you want to gain and your budget. However, the system must be portable, easy to maintain, user-friendly, and strong enough to withstand harsh jungle weather.

3. First Aid Kit



The journey to the forests and mountains is one full of uncertainties. Anything can happen during your tactical adventure, forcing you to seek medical care. It could be illnesses, injuries, snake bites, natural disasters, or environmental hazards. The ideal items in your first aid kit depend on the activities and your specific needs.

But your first aid box must never lack bandages, thermometer, gauze pads, roller bandage, antibiotic ointment, pain relievers, and scissors. Get an antihistamine for relieving allergy symptoms and a snake bite kit. A high-quality snake bite kit should have ice packs to reduce swelling, anti-venoms, suction devices, and relevant medications.

4. A Knife

A knife is one of the handiest items to have when going on tactical adventures. Knives are valuable for self-defense, craving wood, trimming plants, food preparation, and starting a fire. A knife is not just a knife when it comes to tactical adventures. Pick a sharp blade capable of handling different cutting projects. The knife must be of the ideal weight and size to ensure comfort.

Ensure the tactical knife is hard-wearing and heavy-duty to bear the harshness of tactical adventures. Its blade should be corrosion resistant. Titanium, stainless steel, and carbon steel are the best materials. Look for wood, G10, or micarta handles, as they are comfortable to hold and rarely slip in wet conditions.

5. Solar Charger



Your electric gadgets will quickly run out of juice when in the wild. Even high-quality power banks will dry out of juice when used for extended periods. Your phone, radio, laptop, camera, light, and other electronics will need recharging. The most plentiful resource during tactical adventures is solar, and the most efficient way to tap from it is by using a solar charger.

Solar companies manufacture solar chargers rated and suited for different users. Although the brand model matters, the solar charger should produce enough energy to charge all your devices. It should have a fast-charging capacity to juice your devices.

High-grade solar charger materials can withstand harsh elements. Pricing depends on the size, brand, and wattage, but you can still find high-quality, fast-charging systems at reasonable prices.

6. Good Quality Backpack

Backpacks are indispensable gear for tactical adventures. It holds essentials to ease transportation, so it should be durable and comfortable. Consider what you want to transport and the storage space you need before choosing a backpack. Get large enough backpacks to accommodate your gear but small enough for comfort. Get a lightweight backpack because you will carry the backpack for long periods.

Padded shoulder straps and waist belts distribute weight evenly, making a backpack comfy. The weather in the wild is never friendly, so get a rucksack designed for rough handling and durability. Other crucial features that make it stand out include multiple compartments, a hydration bladder sleeve, and rain covers. Choose backpacks from trusted and leading brands to get higher value for money.

Wrapping Up

Prepping tactical gear depends on the adventure you have in mind. But the list above covers most of the tools you need for an adventurous tour. Test your products before you go on the adventure to avoid surprises. For the solar charger, ensure it works efficiently and is compatible with your devices.

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