The Top 4 Cone Crusher Spare Parts You Need

The Top 4 Cone Crusher Spare Parts You Need
Cone crusher spare parts are an essential component of any successful cone crusher operation. Without the right parts in place, your cone crusher will suffer from decreased performance and wear and tear over time.

To make sure your cone crusher is always functioning at its best, it's important to stay on top of the necessary spare parts. Read on to discover the top four cone crusher spare parts that you need to keep your machine running smoothly.


The concave is a critical component of a cone crusher. It is located in the middle of the machine and is designed to distribute the material evenly along the entire length of the machine. During crushing, the concave is responsible for redirecting material toward the mantle and keeping it there.

The concave of a cone crusher plays a key role in ensuring the smooth movement of material through the crusher. 

Without a properly functioning concave, materials can easily become stuck and cause major issues with the machine’s performance.

The concave is composed of several different parts, including the bevel gear, wedge plate, and inner and outer rings. To ensure optimal performance and minimize wear, it is essential to use quality spare parts when replacing or repairing your cone crusher's concave.


The mantle is one of the most important parts of a cone crusher, and it is also the part that experiences the most wear and tear. The mantle helps to support the crushing head and protect it from damage. It is made from an alloy of manganese steel, which is extremely tough and durable. When it comes to replacing your cone crusher’s mantle, you need to ensure that you get the right part for your specific make and model.

Mantle wear occurs in two forms – either erosion or compression. Erosion occurs when the material is allowed to sit too long on the mantle, which can cause damage to the surface. Compression occurs when the mantle is subjected to heavy loading, which can cause cracks or even breakages in the mantle. Either way, a damaged mantle can reduce the life of your cone crusher.

When selecting a new mantle for your cone crusher, it should be thick, profiled, and shaped carefully as well as made from high-quality materials. Incorrectly designed or poorly made replacement mantels can cause costly repairs down the road.

Additionally, you should periodically inspect your cone crusher for wear and damage, including the mantle, so that it will continue running efficiently.

Torch Ring

The torch ring is an essential component of a cone crusher. It provides a critical sealing surface between the head and mantle, which prevents seepage of oil from the head into the bearing area. The torch ring is made from heat-resistant steel and is designed to fit around the cone crusher’s mantle. This creates an air-tight seal that helps prevent oil from leaking out of the head and also helps to keep dirt and debris out of the bearing area. The torch ring should be checked regularly for wear and replaced as necessary. A worn or damaged torch ring can cause excessive vibration, which can reduce the efficiency of your crusher and lead to premature failure of its components. It is important to replace a worn torch ring as soon as possible to maintain optimal performance.

Bowl Liner

The bowl liner is an essential component in the cone crusher. It is located between the mantle and the concave and is used to protect the cone crusher from wear and damage. The bowl liner is made up of manganese or other wear-resistant material and is designed to sit directly on top of the head of the cone crusher. Besides protecting the crusher, the bowl liner helps prevent contamination and wear on the internal parts of the crusher. Bowl liners must be replaced regularly to maintain their optimal performance as they wear over time.

Final Words

Cone crushers are an essential piece of machinery in the construction, mining and aggregate industries. Without them, operations would grind to a halt. To keep your cone crusher running smoothly, you need to make sure that you have the proper spare parts on hand. The four components mentioned above – concave, mantle, torch ring, and bowl liner – are all essential for keeping your machine running effectively. Keep a stock of these spare parts on hand and your cone crusher will stay reliable and effective.

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