Things Every Photographer Needs to Carry

Things Every Photographer Needs to Carry
No matter what your skill level, whether you are an experienced photographer or a young professional in the craft of photography – you should always have a certain set of things that will guarantee the success of your photography and the quality of your images. Each photographer may have a slightly different set of items and accessories, depending on the style of photography and the location of the shoot.

In this article, you will find a classic set of items and accessories that will become your reliable assistants, and help you not to be on the verge of disrupting the process of taking pictures if your memory card suddenly ran out, the battery of the camera ran out of power, and in other unpleasant situations for the photographer. 

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A Folding Tripod is a Clear Shot and Saves You the Effort of Moving Around

This is probably one of the most essential things you'll need when taking pictures outside the studio. A camera shake is always a big detriment to picture quality, and a folding tripod is a reliable aid for stabilization.

Of course, today camera manufacturers have developed useful features such as:

  • the ability to select a high ISO value, but you have to realize that while you're fighting shake in this way, you're also getting some unwanted noise that's not always post-processable;
  • a built-in vibration suppression system, which is certainly useful but does not always cope thoroughly.
The aforementioned features don't work thoroughly, and to guarantee the quality of your shot, you'll need a folding tripod, which in addition to its primary function, will be useful as a support for the background, or flash.

The Remote Shutter Release is a Successful Addition to the Previous Item

You've put a tripod on, done everything to eliminate the possibility of a camera shake, and created the shake yourself when you press the shutter. It's a silly situation, isn't it? That's why you need to carry a wireless remote shutter release. A device that provides this function has the following benefits:

  • guarantees you a clear shot;
  • the ability to shoot at the moment;
  • saves every change in the frame, something the shutter speed can take away from you.
Together, these two aforementioned items give you stunning results and clarity.

The Light Meter will Provide Quality Exposure Adjustments

Of course, now you'll also be thinking: "it's also built into my camera". And you are right, but often after a change of light conditions you have to spend a lot of time for quality readjustment of the camera, and the automatic settings are often not perfect.

In order to be sure of the result of the photography it is better to recheck the camera with a light meter, and if there is an error, to correct it promptly.

A light meter is an indispensable tool for controlling exposure, and its absence at hand may prevent you from taking really good photos.

Accessories that Will Keep Your Lens Clean

Any photo shoot outside the studio can be accompanied by different situations and changing weather conditions. You should always be prepared for something that can happen in the form of unpredictable rain, fountain drops, dust raised by the wind, and other similar situations which can make your lens unsuitable for making good photos. In such a case you can be saved only by having a professional kit for cleaning your equipment.

Such standard kits include a solution, a lint-free swab, and a dusting brush. It doesn't take up much space, but it can be indispensable.

A Collapsible Reflector Kit is Your Control Over The Light

Of course, one of the factors that either make your photography fantastic or destroys it is light. Not knowing how to work with light is a guaranteed failure of your work. In order for you to ensure that you have control over any kind of light - manufacturers have produced a huge variety of folding reflectors that you can buy for absolutely affordable money. By the way, the more expensive kits also include light diffusers.

Standard kits have such useful features as:
  • the presence of a gold reflector provides warming light;
  • silver reflector increases contrast;
  • white reflector provides color temperature preservation.
To realize quality light control, an inexpensive standard set will suffice for you. 

Batteries For Your Equipment Can Run Out At The Most Unpredictable Moment

Undoubtedly, you always have replacement batteries in your bag for each piece of your equipment, but don't forget to double-check their availability! The human factor can play a bad trick on you when, after using a battery, you forget to renew it in your bag.

By the way, it is also useful to have a portable battery charger just in case. Batteries that can be recharged repeatedly are not only a good way to save you money on each new purchase, but also a way to make your small investment in improving the environment.


You are familiar with the list of basic things that you should always have with you in order to achieve a good result in the photo, and you may have it slightly different, or complemented by other useful accessories and equipment. For example, many photographers are comfortable when they have with them a notebook with a pen, flashlight, duct tape, and other accessories that relate specifically to photography, but can be very useful in the process of taking pictures.

Be attentive in the process of preparing for the photo shoot, and be as collected as possible, and you will definitely create a comfortable shooting environment for both you and the client!

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