Things to do in the long Weekend during Eid

Things to do in the long Weekend during Eid
One of the most anticipated events in the year is finally here. While it is easy to assume that the anticipation pertains to the Muslims alone, I won't be leaking a secret by reminding you that we all get public holidays for the Eid-al-Adha. 

Eid-al-Adha, which means festival of sacrifice is a time of merry, which takes place yearly in the 12th month of the Islamic lunar calendar. The Eid-al-Adha marks the final day of the annual Muslim pilgrimage to the Holy City, Mecca; although due to the COVID-19 measures, there were restrictions for this year's Hajj to just residents of Saudi Arabia. 

This time of the year is usually a period of celebration, and it spans between July 19th through Friday 23rd, which fuels the reason for the tag “Long Weekend”. 

In this article, bearing in mind that Eid comes with public holidays and since it is the Eid-al-Adha, we have some interesting suggestions on how to make the best of the long weekend, of course with happy faces around. 

What you should do during the long Eid weekend

Eid-al-Adha is a time to reflect on the very essence of the creation of this day, which was when Prophet Abraham’s faith was tested when directed to sacrifice his son, Ishmael, as a peace offering. While this is not a regular event, there is a need to pick the lessons from this phase and also pray where necessary as been directed. 

Because it is a privilege to partake of yet another Islamic year of Eid-al-Adha, it is therefore obligated that Muslim faithful should be full of gratitude and therefore show forth in the place of giving and embracing neighbors to celebrate. Conventionally, this involves the giving of foodstuff and alms to the needy in appreciation of another year. 

What you could do during the long Eid weekend

As it has been customary for the Dubai Eid to begin with spectacular fireworks shows across some parts of the emirates. Previous years' celebrations included magnificent displays in Al Seef, La Mer, and Dubai Festival City. Although the locations for this year’s fireworks are yet concluded, locals and visitors may expect the fireworks displays to take place in the same locations as the previous year. 

This would certainly be a nice time and place for the kids while building family time. Although COVID-19 had previously hampered the use of this location, it was recently reopened in April, just in time for families to plan their Eid Dubai activities! Legoland Dubai affords a personal experience for everyone, from kid-friendly rides to high-octane thrills.  

Another recently opened attraction that is worth a visit during Eid is The View at The Palm. The Observatory, an outdoor terrace with amazing 360-degree views of the Dubai metropolis, is one of its attractions. During the tour, you may also savor exquisite treats at The View Café and browse for souvenirs at the gift store. One of the finest locations to visit in Dubai during Eid is this gleaming new addition to your bucket list while in the Emirates. 

ROLL DXB is a newly opened roller rink that has everything from fun Roller Disco evenings to Roller Derby, Roller Hockey, Skate Jams, and a couple of other interesting feats. Each skate session spans for more than 90 minutes, while the arena can accommodate up to 90 skaters, so, go ahead, bring your troops for an unlimited fun session. I just hope you can skate. [Giggles] 

When everything fails, shopping can never go south. You can use this holiday as a medium to visit the Dubai mall to complete that drawn list; either grocery, fashion outfits, appliances, furniture, and a host of others. You could decide to go alone or go with the family. The more, the merrier; however, draw up a budget for your mark. 

Places like the Dubai Mall, Noon, Namshi, Aswaaq, and others could be considered locations for this bout. 

Would you be considering traveling alone or with your family? It gets exciting to know that Emirates Airlines has launched a fantastic Eid flash discount on all flights, therefore interested people can reserve the package for travel until September 30th, 2021. 

Did you know that Burj Al Arab is currently giving guests who plan to stay for the full holiday a 15% discount? If you intend to stay five nights and above, a 20% discount will be established, with both offers including spa and dining amenities at the Burj. Other perks to this vacation afford a visit to the Summersault Beach Club, butler service, late checkout, to mention a few.  

The list is endless, but I hope these have triggered your plots for the long holiday. 

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