Three Effective Email Marketing Strategies for B2C

Three Effective Email Marketing Strategies for B2C
Digital marketing is one of the essential components in the marketing strategies of all types of businesses in present times. People all over the world spend almost 2 hours every day on their phones alongside additional time on computers. The increasing use of the internet provides the ideal foundation for digital marketing professionals to reach their target audience in the right places. So, what could be the best possible digital channel to ensure the best productive results in digital marketing? You have so many options, including various social media channels and influencer marketing approaches. A business doesn’t have to struggle to reach its customers in the digital age, or does it? 

Significance of Email Marketing
Today’s wide assortment of digital marketing tools offer distinct features and serve unique purposes. Therefore, B2C enterprises must be careful in selecting digital marketing tools based on their requirements. What could be the most common tool for digital marketing? The answer draws attention towards email marketing. Many of you may think that email cannot catch up with modern communication channels in terms of performance. Here are some numbers which show the importance of email marketing today.  

Brands receive $42 in return for every dollar they invest in email marketing.
Around 80% of professionals perceive email marketing as a crucial tool for driving customer acquisition and retention. 
Almost 77% of marketing professionals identify the significance of email marketing for the company’s overall success. 
The top priorities for email marketing strategies focus on communicating with customers and prospects alongside the development of brand awareness.

While email marketing poses favourable prospects for B2C marketing, it also comes with a fair share of setbacks. The prominent challenges associated with email marketing are,

Grabbing the attention of the audience in crowded inboxes
Challenges in email delivery
Inefficient email engagement

The efforts involved in email marketing and its challenges can deter a B2C enterprise from accepting email marketing strategies. However, email is still a highly relevant aspect of the modern digital economy. All you need to do is find the ideal strategies for email marketing for your B2C business. 

Best Strategies for Email Marketing for B2C Business
The notion of email marketing does not appear significant from the get-go. You have to send emails to lots of customers and wait for them to open the emails to read your message. Do people even open emails from businesses? What if none of your recipients opened their emails? Well, you can do a lot of thinking about what could go wrong with email marketing for your B2C business. 

However, you can move one step ahead and think of the positive outcomes you can achieve with email marketing. Learn more about the value of email marketing in B2C communication. You would find that there is no other existing technology used by around 91% of internet users. If you tailor your B2C email marketing campaign for the best customer experience, you can hit the marketing jackpot.

Here are some recommendations which can help you optimize your B2C email marketing strategies for success. 

Build Personalized Connections
The foremost thing customers expect from a brand is a personal connection. The customer experience depends a lot on how well the customer connects with the brand. B2C businesses generally use trendy and personal tones in their marketing messages. The personal tone goes a long way in developing human-to-human connections while driving better brand experiences. On the other hand, B2C brands should not go all out personally in their email marketing messages.

The touch of professionalism is an essential ingredient to make your brand’s email message palatable for the audience. Maintain the necessary standards and decorum in the mail’s language and structure while blending your personality in the mix. People value human experiences and the element of personalization in communication by brands. For example, brands can empathize with the issues and challenges of the audience in their emails.

Organize the Email List
More often than not, the success of B2C email marketing strategies depends considerably on the organization of the email list. Reliable email marketing service providers would focus on this aspect. List segmentation is a promising tool for ensuring effective email campaigns alongside increasing open email rates. Some estimates suggest that segmented email marketing trends increase revenues by almost 760%. Data regarding a brand’s customer interactions can support developing a consolidated customer view. With the clear segments of the target audience, B2C brands could create personalized and optimized content. 

At the same time, it is also important that a brand creates its email lists through opt-in forms on the website, content CTAs or point-of-sale interactions. Brands could discover many other approaches for building proven email lists with people genuinely interested in receiving a brand’s messages. The clear awareness of a brand’s target audience elevates the prospects for the success of your email marketing campaign

Automation to the Rescue
Another prominent concern holding back the efficiency of B2C email marketing campaigns is the need for sending emails. Marketing professionals are often troubled by the problems of recipients never opening the emails. In such cases, automation can come to the rescue of marketing professionals working on email marketing strategies. Automation could help in sending triggered emails according to the consumer’s behaviour,
thereby providing better opportunities for customer acquisition and brand loyalty.

For example, relevant emails have shown almost 18 times better performance in terms of revenue when compared to broadcast emails. Furthermore, automated emails have a 119% higher click rate in comparison to broadcast emails. Smart choices in sending your emails can play a massive role in optimizing your B2C email marketing strategy for success. 

Are You Ready To Capitalize on Email Marketing?
The simple pointers for improving the effectiveness of B2C email marketing strategies provide a glimpse into the potential of email marketing. One could look at the challenges in email marketing as a formidable setback. However, you can always find solutions to your email marketing campaign problems in the right place. On this site, you can find a good detailed solution for your projectThe variety of automated email marketing solutions in the existing market can be quite overwhelming. Top choices like Mailchimp have been serving the digital marketing needs of brands for some time now. Find more about the best practices to improve your email marketing strategies right now.

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