Tips and tricks to styling plain Tees

Tips and tricks to styling plain Tees
Everyone has at least three basic shirts stashed somewhere in their closet. T-shirts have your back whether you wear them to the gym, on errands, to bed, or wherever else your everyday life may take you. Unfortunately, simple shirts are frequently chastised by fashionistas for being dull or sloppy. 

The truth is that basic tees are incredibly simple garments. They don't necessarily draw attention on the street on their own. But that's the appeal of a simple tee. It doesn't make much of a statement on its own, so it can be transformed into whatever you desire. There are several methods to convert adaptable basic tees into an essential component of a broad range of stunning ensembles that are everything but basic.

Here are some tips and tricks to styling plain Tees

1. Consider going over-sized
An enormous T-shirt is one of the most adaptable items of apparel available. Make sure your closet is stocked with a selection of large shirts as well as their more form-fitting cousins. Over-sized basic tees are more visually appealing and fashionable than plain, tighter T-shirts. By putting an over-sized T-shirt over your favorite pair of leggings, you can wear them as pants nearly everywhere. Wear an over-sized tee as a stylish T-shirt dress with ankle boots or chunky block heels if it reaches your mid-thigh. To get a casual yet elegant look, slip an over-sized graphic T-shirt into the waistband of a skirt.

2. Accessorize with Statement Jewelry 
Statement jewelry may enhance or break the completed appearance of your simple tee outfit. One of the most common issues with simple T-shirts is that they seem too dull to wear somewhere other than the grocery store. However, sometimes a striking necklace is all that is required to elevate a simple tee for a coffee shop date or lunch with friends. 

When selecting striking jewelry to pair with your basic shirt, keep the neckline in mind. Layer a long chunky pendant necklace over the T-shirt if it has a low V-neck. Try a shorter, flowery statement necklace that sits over the neckline of your scoop-necked blouse.

3. Wear Jeans
Jeans and a T-shirt are a classic combination for a reason, and their combined strength should not be underestimated by even the most fashionable ladies. Both of these items are incredibly casual and comfy, so they make an irresistible combination. 

The only thing you need to do to pull off jeans and a shirt make sure your pants offer some intrigue to your outfit. To balance off your basic shirt, choose jeans that are distressed, embroidered, or embellished. If you wish to wear plain jeans, cuff them at the bottom to add some texture.

4. Make It More Professional 
Believe it or not, you may even wear a simple tee for more formal occasions, such as a business trip or a day at the office. 
Start with a top in a neutral hue, such as navy, white, or black, to professionalize a simple T-shirt. Tuck the top into fitting black jeans, making sure the neckline is not too low. Cuff the jeans and wear them with black heels and a jacket.

5. Dress Up in Shoes 
Even if your shoes are far away from your shirt, the proper ones may quickly spruce up your basic tee and keep your ensemble from seeming sloppy. Shoes are amazing, and their power does not fail when it comes to changing the feel of a plain T-shirt outfit. You want the shoes you wear with a simple shirt to make you look more put-together. 

The shoes you wear with a simple T-shirt should complement the rest of your outfit. Heels are usually a safe option since they balance out the informal mood of a T-shirt and provide an immediate streamlined finish to your outfit. Wear block-heeled strappy shoes with cutoffs and a shirt.

6. Put on a Jacket 
To liven up a plain shirt, a little layering is all that's required. A jacket or cover-up may do much to lend interest to an otherwise uncomplicated appearance. 

Experiment with different jacket lengths and fits. Layering a cropped leather jacket over a longer shirt is a great look. Pair a thick knitted cardigan with a more fitted T-shirt. Just make sure that the fit of your jacket and shirt highlights and complement your natural shape so that your body is not lost in a sea of cloth.

Finally, A simple tee allows you to be both comfy and fashionable. Don't be concerned that a T-shirt may appear dull or sloppy. A simple shirt can appear anything but plain with the proper combination of accessories. Experiment with various components and accessories to experience the versatile comfort of basic tees as part of a variety of stylish outfits.

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