Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in the UAE

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in the UAE
The UAE [United Arab Emirates] has in the last recent years experienced growth in the deployment of technology. Amongst the list of technological advancements are mobile app developers who just like other businesses have been thriving, delivering bespoke services based on clients' interactions.

As the world swings from the conventional mode of rendering businesses from physical interactions and persuasions where business owners can almost tell who all their clients are to the digital mode of transactions where from a different continent as far as Africa, businesses can be conducted virtually without foreknowledge or prior relationship with the client.

In this new trend, a prowl of tech-savvy business owners has leveraged the mobile apps for their scalability, whereby seeking and utilizing the skills of app development companies to initiate market penetration globally. This, therefore, prompts one leading question before the others: who can we trust to do this?

Having conducted a healthy dose of research and observed reviews, I will be sharing with you in this article some mobile app development companies that would steer you to your right pick.

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List of 10 Mobile App Development Companies in the UAE 

Please note that these compilations have been carefully sought based on certain criteria as Google ranking, Client’s portfolio, Customer Reviews, Clientele base, and some other measures. Here we go:

DeviceBee Technologies has carved a place in the list of leading app development companies by assisting startup founders and enterprises that are ready to innovate with distinct web and mobile experiences through services such as Web app development, Website design, Mobile app development (iOS and Android), and E-commerce development.

With a company that is ISO certified, as of 2011, Auxano Global Expert Services focuses on a wide range of app development services, including the creation of custom-made apps. They are innovative in the development of Augmented Reality apps, Artificial Intelligence apps, Web of Issues apps, Clone App progress, and Virtual Reality apps. They eagerly seek to offer a new and more exciting path to innovation.

This company's unique selling point includes being perfect in gathering the client's needs, delivering apps on time, updating the most recent technologies, best value management systems, and ideal management of dedicated employees. 

Si3 focuses on and creates pleasing website designs, eCommerce designs, and mobile apps for their clients around the world, resulting in exceptional business results. Their extensive experience guarantees they deliver.
With a team of experts devoting time and resources required to comprehend the goal of your project and deliver expected results based on the specific requirements.

By constantly challenging assumptions and disrupting the status quo, the firm is a disruptive innovator that creates solutions with the intent of transforming the world. They have also assisted numerous startups, enterprises, and establishments in reducing costs by half while experiencing exponential increases in productivity.

Their dedicated group of mobile phone app developers prowess the iconic mobile application development activity, with a team providing services for all types of organizations on web-based and mobile software.
Ichanical thinks in new ideas and implementations that they can turn into incredible working implementations. They possess professional coders and expertise on each one of the latest technologies.

Sinergia Labs is also regarded as one of the Top Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai, UAE since they provide all mobile app services. Sinergia Labs' designers and developers have experience with a variety of mobile app systems, including Android, iOS, AR, VR, and AI.  
They create mobile applications with novel concepts tailored to improve user efficiency and thrive innovative businesses.

With its success mantra of "Inspire the Next," Xicom has curated the top niche amongst the numbers.
Their techno wizards are skilled and seasoned in driving future-ready apps, with the right blend of experience and expertise.
So, if you are a startup or a small business with big ideas, you can prepare to bring those ideas to life with tailored software solutions.

They have a skilled team of mobile strategists, UX/UI designers, and app developers, developing best-in-class mobile apps comes easy. Their team has a client base that ranges from emerging startups to flourishing partners, allowing them to provide a worthwhile experience.  

With many names to a King in the service, The Watchtower Dubai, prides itself in rendering tailored mobile app development services and has received hearty reviews from clients and platforms.  
App development amongst other unique features is one of their services, that their team of experts have executed and had been celebrated for these feats.

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