Mobile App Development Companies in London

Mobile App Development Companies in London
Likened to friendship, amongst the great pool of acquaintances, there are some select favorites and these favorites have been carefully elected subconsciously for many personal merits of having ticked your emotional bank account with a good measure of deposits/credits. While a stranger may find it almost difficult to comprehend why these selections, those in the loop of friends would not find it outrageous due to some visible attributes they can as well sight.

Drawing up a list of Mobile App Development Companies especially in the UK [United Kingdom] is similar to the analogy in the first paragraph, considering the web of iconic weight pullers in the demographic. Mobile app development companies in the UK have largely enjoyed the presence of well-seasoned professionals from Enterprise [in house and outsource] to Boutiques, down to the Freelancers which makes it a hurdle in drawing up a list; but just like every teacher, I have the marking scheme and therefore have sum these up not out of advert placement but for their credibility in deliverables.

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In this article, I would be sharing with you a range of companies in the UK that have been exceptional in the development of Mobile Apps from IOS to Windows and Android; kindly go through for your worthwhile read.


Raizlabs is an engineering technology firm that designs and develops custom applications, online services, and cutting-edge technologies. Raizlabs has earned the trust and admiration of a diverse range of companies, from fast-moving startups to Fortune 500 corporations, over the years. With their staff strength of over 450 employees, they have trained in iOS, Android, and Internet applications.

Y Media Labs is a creative firm that collaborates with brands to birth ideas to life. Since their inception in 2008, they have focused on their shortcomings and worked to improve over the years, little wonder their mobile apps have a direct impact on the outcomes of their customers. 
3. DOM & TOM 
One of the trusted companies to discuss and develop the best solutions according to your preference is Dom & Tom.  
They are a global technology consultancy specialized in designing multi-platform applications, which has majored in custom software creation, web applications, and connected devices in the innovation market.

Infinum has been providing a variety of services and solutions that has been turning enterprises into top players in their industries. With over 9 years of experience garnered, Infinum has the expertise and ability to deliver bespoke solutions.

Fusion Informatics has collaborated with many global and regional governments and institutions to provide unique functional mobile applications.

Since the year 2000, Fusion Informatics has been providing Mobile app development in the UK and has continually grown to show reliability, bespoke and creative design, amongst other unique features.

Over the years, using the latest developments in the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and FinTech, Dogtown Media has been creating exclusive mobile apps for smartphones, and smart things.
With their huge customer strength across different locations, it is clear that they have earned their guts.

Very few companies can compare with people like Fueled in terms of expertise in developing mobile applications. With special skills on how to create products that can scale up to the demands of every company with an unwavering performance passion, chances are high that your application will become a success to your target audience.

Softeq has provided pleasant services to Mobile App Development Company in the UK for many years. With their extensive expertise and vast pool of resources, they had ensured that they provided innovative solutions. They are enthusiastic about developing beautiful UX development software that people will want to use and their clientele base has attested to their work’s value.

Eleks is a global company that offers full-cycle software engineering outsourcing services, from concept to completion. They also assist businesses in increasing value by providing app development, product design, and consulting services.

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They build reliable and easy to upgrade scalable architectures and mobile app software.

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