Top 5 Cloud Based Test Automation Platforms

Top 5 Cloud Based Test Automation Platforms
In order to assure quality and lower the number of problems, testing has become a crucial component of software development processes. Error-prone and time-consuming manual testing is possible. In order to identify problems early, test automation can help by automating repeated test cases. Numerous cloud-based test automation tools have surfaced in response to the growth of cloud computing, enhancing the flexibility as well as scalability of testing. The top 5 cloud based test automation platform are as follows:

1. TestSigma

One of the best cloud-based platforms for managing and automating tests for functional, and API, along with mobile, as well as performance testing is called TestSigma. It enables the creation of test cases, the execution of automated tests, the tracking of bugs, and the production of thorough reports. Test automation for the web and mobile devices, API testing, cross-browser testing, parallel test execution, source control system interfaces, and configurable dashboards and results are a few of the essential features. Testing may be done from any location with TestSigma's cloud-hosted platform, which eliminates the need to set up or manage any infrastructure. Teams are able to work well together and obtain insights to keep improving quality.

2. BrowserStack

A well-liked platform for cross-browser testing is called BrowserStack. It enables the testing of web apps without the requirement for physical hardware across a range of desktop as well as mobile browsers on a variety of operating systems. Developers may use BrowserStack to set up their test environment and run automated tests on virtual computers hosted in the cloud that are set up with various browsers as well as devices. Test run films and comprehensive logs are recorded. CI/CD pipelines and a variety of test frameworks may be integrated with BrowserStack. Its cloud infrastructure guarantees seamless test execution from any place at any time.

3. Sauce Labs

Another pioneer in cloud-based cross-browser as well as mobile web application testing is Sauce Labs. It offers a hosted environment with many browser and device settings, much to BrowserStack. Tests may be created once and run on a variety of genuine operating systems and browsers. Sauce Labs includes continuous integration server integrations as well as support for well-known test frameworks. It has functions like REST API, comprehensive reports, snapshots, and live video playback. Tests may be done in parallel on the cloud platform for quicker results and analysis.

4. LambdaTest

Web applications are the primary focus of LambdaTest, a cloud-based cross-browser testing solution. On their cloud infrastructure, it allows for testing on more than 3000 distinct combinations of operating system and browser. Integrated with CI/CD pipelines, and live interactive testing, visual as well as video debugging, automatic and manual testing capabilities, and comprehensive reporting are just a few of the key features. LambdaTest seeks to streamline cross-browser testing and guarantee that websites function properly on a range of devices and browsers. Scaling and infrastructure maintenance are handled by the cloud platform.

5. Perfecto

For testing online, mobile, native, and hybrid apps, Perfecto is a top cloud-based quality engineering tool. It offers on-demand access to more than 3000 actual mobile devices as well as browsers on a worldwide scale. Tests may be automated using Perfecto on a variety of hardware and operating systems. Features include interaction with development tools and CI/CD pipelines, test orchestration, and visual validation, as well as video recording, along with actual device and browser testing. The infrastructure of the device lab is provisioned, scaled, and maintained by the cloud platform.


Because cloud-based test automation platform eliminate the need to maintain on-premise equipment, testing can now be conducted in a more flexible, scalable, and economical manner. By automating tests that function flawlessly across many browsers as well as devices from any place at any time, teams can concentrate on quality.
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