Top 5 Places to Work in Dubai in 2021

Top 5 Places to Work in Dubai in 2021
For most people living outside of the United Arab Emirate (UAE), Dubai is more renowned as a tourist and holiday destination than a place for landing a great job. But Dubai is not all just ‘play and no work, making Jack a dull boy; it can also be a place where some of the most rewarding jobs can be gotten if you happen to meet the criteria for not only getting into the Emirati but also for getting jobs in the kinds of places listed in this article.

There are a lot of awesome workplaces all around the city of Dubai that would doubtless give you the kind of work experience that you probably dream about. So, here are the top 5 places to work in Dubai in 2021.

1. The One Total Home Experience
This company, which is also known as THE One, was founded in 1996 by a Swedish entrepreneur and philanthropist, Thomas Lundgren, as homegrown furniture retail and e-commerce company catering to all kinds of living spaces such as studios, apartments, villas, or corporate organizations.

Built on the philosophy of inspiring Affordable Home Fashion that enables you to maximize your living space and which meets your living requirements in terms of space layouts, colour, material combinations, and furniture designs for all the functional rooms in the house designed and delivered with a passion to your home
With a vision to inspire customers to change their world; THE One leads by example as the organization has one of the best welfare plans for its employees and a working environment that enables its staff to thrive.

As a global logistics company founded in 1969 by Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn, DHL, is today the number one logistics company in the world with a presence in 220 countries and territories across the globe, and over 400’000 people who work happily every day to have your dream delivered; wherever you want it delivered.

DHL is one of the world’s largest and most innovative employers, with genuine pride in their people and a tradition for caring; it matters little in which of their numerous global offices you work, or whatever your position is in the team – a global manager, an airplane pilot or a forklift operator; you are certain to experience a working environment that allows you to work with passion and be the best you can be.

 As a global company that values diversity, ambition, and a collaborative can-do attitude; DHL UAE carries on in the tradition of their parent body; offering employees all the necessary support they need to make career logistics as rewarding as possible. 

3. The Watchtower, Dubai
Founded in 2010, the Watchtower Dubai is a top-tier digital marketing agency that provides unique services that often transform business outfits into profit-generating ventures through the professionalism and insightful advice of their employees. 

As an organization, the Watchtower Dubai values their employees highly, providing them with a working environment and the opportunity to achieve both collective organization goals and personal goals, while still promoting diversity, professionalism, respect, reward, and recognition for their staff as they believe that who they are is defined by the quality of their workers.

4. Dubai Police Force
It is not often, in any part of the world, that you would find the city, state, or national police unit listed as an organization that has a desirable working system that members of the public would want to work in. Well, as you can see, the Dubai Emirati police have one of the most professional and rewarding working environments in the Middle East, and even in the world.

Boasting of very professional workforce and administration; the Dubai police make policing a desirable profession as the authorities understand that having an effective police unit is down to how well the police offers are catered for. Their 17,500 strong force enjoys one of the best working conditions anywhere in the world.

5. Five Hotels
Ordinarily, hotel institutions are built for hospitality. The best hotels in the world pride themselves on being the most hospitable and accommodating organizations wherever they are. The objective is to provide guests with the feeling of being home, even when they are away from their homes.

To achieve such a standard; hotel institutions and their management know that a hotel that wants to provide world-class services in the hospitality industry has to have a workforce of people who know that they matter and are themselves valued and catered for to be able to do the same for guests who patronize their facility.

Regarded as the hottest hotel on Palm Jumeirah, FIVE Palm Jumeirah is a hotel that captures the true essence of service and rewards which are teams that run through its organizational structure in recognition of the men and women who make these hotels, truly home away from home.
Dubai is a city that thrives on being the reference in all things professional and standard. Thus, its system only supports the best practices both in the private and public sectors; thus, it is easy to see why most of their organizations rank high in the best workplaces.

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