Top 5 Real Estate Websites In Dubai

Top 5 Real Estate Websites In Dubai

How would you like to own a piece of magic land? Yes, that is what the city of Dubai looks like: a city straight out of an Arabian fairytale; only that you could own a piece of it. From the imposing Burj Khalifa to the spectacular Palm City; the Dubai real estate terrain is dotted with spectacular and breathtaking landscapes.

As one of the most visited tourists’ destinations in the world; real estate demand is prime in Dubai. Of course, for such a city with its beautiful real estate properties, it appears to be the domain of the nouveau rich only. For instance, the cost of a studio apartment in the Burj Khalifa starts from around 1,143,342 AED, while that of a luxury 2 Bedroom apartment cost about 10,235,704 AED.  

Although the prices of an apartment in the Burj Khalifa may appear sky reaching like the building itself and accessible to those with some exquisite tastes, buying apartments in Burj Khalifa is always an excellent investment decision because the rental yields are high and the value of the property units is worth the amount you spend on it. However, such opportunity is not by any means limited to those with the capacity to acquire property in the world’s tallest building.

But like all accommodating cities of the world, there is always a place for everyone and therefore, a real estate industry that makes provision for all kinds of individual or organizational interests. All that is required is factual information about the real estate business in the city and that is where real estate websites come in to play a very key role. In fact, there are over 700 real estate websites in Dubai providing information on all areas of property interests.

The list below is my cherry pick of the Top 5 Real Estate Websites in Dubai in 2021:

1.      Al Fattan.

Al Fattan is one of Dubai’s longest established real estate businesses with a website that is quite modern and functional in design. The company uses its history advantageously while proving that it is still highly relevant in the ever changing and very competitive Dubai real estate business. Al Fattan’s website has successfully infused simplicity in user interface with stylishness that draws users to their page.

2.      Betterhomes.

This real estate agency is a well-established organization focused primarily on buying, selling or renting homes. With a deep-rooted history in the Dubai real estate industry; Betterhomes is popular with over 500 staff; its website is a draw with its beautifully showcased properties. It is also very easy to navigate for relevant information with a good focus on benefits. However, like all websites in a market with a very high competition rate; it still needs updates on content and improvement on functionality.

3.      Emirate’s National Investment.

Emirate’s National Investment or ENI as it is also known employs the traditional scrolling style to display its beautiful and creatively designed website which stands apart from the many similar websites crowding the Dubai internet space.

Along with its seamless functionality is its use of images which is outstanding. Being a property investment company, the high-class feel is clearly important and is well executed and there is a remarkable balance of informative content.

4.      Al Habtoor Real Estate LLC.

Al Habtoor Real Estate LLC has a very functional website with an excellent use of imagery to showcase its areas of organizational focus. The use of downloads in the design helps to balance the desire to include a large amount of information. This includes embedded videos which are used to further display properties with each page highly populated.

5.      Manage My Property.

Manage My Property (MMP) is one of Dubai’s leading Real Estate and Property Management companies, offering a full range of turnkey services related to Dubai property. Established in 2007 with an aim to give landlords a stress-free ownership experience; MMP’s management solution covers all aspects of owning a property in Dubai.

The Property Management team at MMP has a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of successful asset management, advanced technology, and effective management solutions that enable them to provide their clients with complete transparency and peace of mind.

With a striking contemporary style and a clear simple layout, MMP’s website is attractive and engaging, providing an easy to navigate user interface with a clear focus on what the agency’s business is all about: the properties themselves.

If you are into the real estate business and you want an attractive and functional website to carry the reach of your organization’s services to those interested in the Dubai real estate; then we at The Watchtower is your best bet for achieving expert website design with seamless and engaging user interface. 

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