Top Ten Most Demanding Jobs in Dubai 2021 Pt. 2

Top Ten Most Demanding Jobs in Dubai 2021 Pt. 2
Dubai has a lot of opportunities to offer not only its citizens but also foreigners who come there in search of greener pastures. The authorities of Dubai, led by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoom, have no intention of resting on their oars until the Emirati of Dubai is the center of all conversations, whether it is in the area of commerce, tourism, infrastructure, or technology. 

Thus, opportunities continue to abound in many sectors of the economy for all kinds of people – indigenous and foreign. In this second installment, we conclude the highlight of the most in-demand jobs in Dubai in 2021. Take a look. 

5. Food and Beverages (F&B)
With many people from different parts of the world congregating in Dubai either for holidaying or in search of job opportunities; Dubai’s diversified population from the mixture of different nationalities in the country makes food an important factor in bringing these different people together. As a result, restaurants, diners, and cafes are thriving all across the emirate, making the need for F&B managers and staff to be always in demand. 

6. Real Estate Consultants
Dubai Real Estate industry is one of the most attractive for the very rich; resulting from the booming commerce and tourism industry in the Emirati, more and more people are buying into the real estate business in the city. 

It is expected that as the commercial industry of the country continues to boom, more and more people will be employed in the economy, which will lead a lot of investors to be attracted to the property business, leading to the need for both commercial and residential spaces. It is for this reason that jobs in the real estate sector are going to remain a premium in Emirati.  
It is very obvious that the country’s economy is doing well and as such, there are going to be more infrastructural development shortly; the construction of residential and commercial communities will continue because Dubai and its leadership won’t stop developing.
7. Medical Practitioners (Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Pharmacists)
if there is nothing else that the coronavirus pandemic has taught everyone and every nation; it is that medical practitioners such as doctors, nurses, caregivers, etc are crucial to the wellbeing of any society and no nation can have too many of them.
The future of Dubai will not be dependent only on commerce; the Dubai Healthcare sector will be expanding in the aftermath of the pandemic and that is going to mean that there will be a need for professionals in the healthcare sector. The government, in a bid to expand and enhance the healthcare services in the Emirati, will often conduct the hiring of doctors and other medical practitioners from overseas.
8. Hospitality
As a global tourist destination, Dubai is certain to need more hotels to accommodate the millions of visitors and tourists that will continue to troop to the city for holiday or sightseeing. Consequently, more and more lavish hotels are being established and they are going to need a plethora of different kinds of staff.  

Working in the hospitality industry looks to be a good decision as good employment packages are waiting for those who desire a job position in any one of the luxurious hotels in Dubai which often include free food, transportation, and accommodation benefits in addition to a fair amount of basic salary.

9. HR Practitioners
Human Resource professionals are essential to the effectiveness and outright success of any organization, since part of their job is to help their organizations successfully recruit qualified candidates for such job roles as their organizations may need. 
Consequently, the position of a Human Resource practitioner offers a lot of great opportunities for most HR practitioners since it is by responsibility multifaceted and organizational; and as a result, it a post that is believed to be one of the highest earners in Dubai.
10. Secretarial (PA, Admin, Receptionists)
Personal Assistants have the primary task of making the life of CEOs easier by taking on the clerical and administrative tasks that are part of day-to-day office activities; such as paper works, answering phone calls, welcoming clients, responding to general inquiries, and a lot more; responsibilities that would have limited the time such CEOs have available to them to attend to more crucial matters. This is why they are a vital link in the organizational structures of businesses and organizations.
These classes of workers have the advantage of being able to find employment from different economic sectors in Dubai like luxurious hotels, shopping malls, medical centers, and a lot of commercial enterprises in Dubai.

There are jobs aplenty in Dubai if you happen to meet the criteria required by the job sector you are interested in. Some jobs maybe a little more in-demand than others; but that notwithstanding, there is certainly something for every skill-set as Dubai continues on its upward trajectory of both economic and infrastructural development.

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