Universal Memory and its significance in data storage in 2022

Universal Memory and its significance in data storage in 2022
Culture has been said to be people’s way of life. Well, in general computing and data storage, this definition may not count, perhaps because the objects are not living things in the real sense. We nonetheless could liken the way of life of computers to the reality of what could be called the mode of operation.  

Computers are electronic devices composed of the CPU [Central Processing Unit], a Display Unit, and an Input device to help process information based on GIGO [Garbage in Garbage Out]. This means that the computer as a system is independent of being a storage device, and relies on the user to feed it with information before it operates optimally. 

How much information the computer could take is determined by the capacity of the storage device, and how fast the information can be processed is determined by the processor speed and the type of memory in use. 

What is memory in a computer? 
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In computing, memory is termed as a device that is used to either temporarily or permanently store information on the computer device which is determined by the user. 

What is data storage? 
Computer data storage is a technology that uses computer components and recording media to store digital data. It's a pivotal computer feature and function. A computer's central processing unit manipulates data by performing calculations.

What is Universal Memory? 
Universal Memory is a type of non-self-contained computer data storage device that combines the cost advantages of DRAM [Dynamic Random Access Memory], the speed advantages of SRAM [Static Random Access Memory], the non-volatility advantages of flash memory, and the limitless durability and lifetime of flash memory. 

Universal Memory and its significance in data storage in 2022? 
According to the current trend of innovation and the birth of notable inventions or the deployment of new-age technologies into emerging industries, the year 2022 will necessitate a new memory invention to fill the space of big data for processing.

Universal Memory would necessitate not just a single common feature of a type of memory, but a slew of them, each with its own set of unique features that enable it to outperform regular memory..

What is DRAM storage?  
DRAM storage is a form of semiconductor memory that stores data or program code that a computer processor needs to function. The RAM [Random Access Memory] is often located near the computer's CPU and allows for quicker data access than storage mediums like hard disk drives and solid-state drives. 

Can you replace DRAM with SRAM?  
People have considered replacing the SRAM with the DRAM in most cases because of its speed. 

By adding additional circuitry to latch the row address, the DRAM may be substituted with the SRAM. It has been said that the DRAM is at least a tenth of the speed of SRAM. SRAM is quicker and is commonly used for cache, whereas DRAM is less costly and has a higher density, making it ideal for main processor memory. 

So yes, you can replace the DRAM with the SRAM conveniently for your smooth sail. 
Will MRAM replace DRAM?  
While the DRAM has been able to carve a niche for itself in the Memory Lane, the MRAM (Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory) has become a better option for people with the pang for reliable, fast non-volatile memory that can preserve data in the event of a power failure, increasing its latency while reducing design complexity and overall cost. 

Several Flash-based memory and storage applications rely on DRAM for in-flight data because of DRAM's speed as against Flash. 

What will replace DRAM? 
As the new year unfolds in a bit, researchers have been keen on what could be the next memory to serve and change the data storage game. 
Well, it is no news that a new market is coming in; I'm talking about Ferroelectric memory [FeFET or FeRAM], and the Nanotube RAM. 

These would give the DRAM a worthy chase. 
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