Using Adobe XD for web design the complete guide

Using Adobe XD for web design the complete guide

Website design, like a good wine, gets more interesting with each passing day. 

Following the path of trend or simply innovation, we have seen website designs evolve from the conventional mode of software designs alone which makes completed designs suitable for the desktop browsers alone; however, with the new light beamed since 2010, while the web designer centers on creating a mind-blowing graphic design as approved by the client, there is need to also factor the layout since we have more modern display devices to serve us on the go. This consideration requires the deployment of Responsive and Adaptive designs to ensure that irrespective of the device each user uses, your website still has the warm reception of displaying its content without being distorted or frustrate the users.

For every web designer, identifying and understanding the right tools to serve a project design can never be overemphasized, considering the options available to create a web design.

In this article, a complete guide on using the Adobe XD software for your web design would be considered. We shall also consider the unique features of the Adobe XD amongst other things in web designing.

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The tool Adobe XD is a vector-based user interface and user experience design that can be used to create everything about design layout from wristwatch applications to full-fledged websites. The Adobe XD was developed from the ground up, specifically with UI and UX design in mind, hence its unique features compared to earlier applications to make layout designs exceptional.


The Adobe XD being a trailblazer compared to its counterparts has been able to identify unique features that exceptionally stand it out, some of these features are listed below.

  1.  Repeat Grid
  2. Design tools for prototyping
  3. 3D transformations
  4. Transitions and animations
  5. Third-party plugins and extensions are supported.
  6. Responsive content and layout resizing
  7. Fluid Components.

It gets clearer in the use of this simplified software that it was made clear from the shortcomings of previous graphic software designs. Such that interaction is not static, therefore finding great use for vector-based UI design, wireframing, prototyping, high-fidelity web/app design, and interactive designs.



Gamers find Adobe XD worthwhile, considering its unique feature that permits the introduction of a Bluetooth game controller to enable them to enjoy a whole new level of interface design. You could also import game artwork to enable users to interact with it as they do with the controller.


With the Adobe XD, features like Responsive Resize, pre-built artboard sizes for common devices, and prototype tools like Auto-Animate and drag triggers, interactions for mobile devices and gadgets requiring dynamic interactions, different navigation patterns, with a variety of screen sizes to satisfy just got easier than before.


Adobe XD is a vital companion for anybody developing virtual assistants or skills to complement products and services, thanks to powerful voice commands and interfaces with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant that allows you to sample experiences.


It is safe to say that website design and Adobe XD work well together, from information architecture through layout and prototype, it is a smooth blend. productivity tools like Padding, Repeat Grid, and Stacks, makes navigation around the website easier for each user linking Concepts and Ideas in proportion.

Why should I use Adobe XD?

For many reasons particular to the web designer, this may vary, however here are some major pointers I believe should cut across all designers.

  1. Adobe XD is a free graphic software application; Although it has a paid plan, however, the free version is quite robust enough to carry out your exceptional designs.
  2. Accessing files can be done remotely as it has an XD cloud-based storage.
  3. It can be accessed on MAC OS and Windows.
  4. Its unique features make it easy to use.

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