Ways to make your Business Card Stand Out

Ways to make your Business Card Stand Out
May I remind you that your business card has a higher chance of being tossed into the bin than been read or picked the third time? 
The word relative solves many riddles and again can be the reason why a supposedly well thought out creative printed card design does not show any appeal other than a note piece to pick up a number from the eyes of your audience. 

A business card as a lifeless staff of the brand should incline with the brand’s goal and vision thereby sharing the gospel of your services to anyone who cares to look at it and more importantly make things easier. Think of the business card as a human for a minute, wouldn’t the cliché “dress the way you want to be addressed” count? Or the “first impression matters” have a different ring to it than just a paper stock with some ink splashed here and there. 

Here is Revival! 
In this article, I would be sharing with you some globally accepted measures to make your card go from being regular to being extraordinary. So, many times the limiting factor to our growth is not what we don’t know, often it is the practice or the application of our knowledge to our local spheres. Please do well to take this beyond a read, but put to act this upon your next business card design. 

5 Ways to make your business card stand out

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One of the easy tricks to being extraordinary is to not consider thinking ordinary. This, in our context, implies not considering the conventional mode of having things done. 

You want your card to be looked at and the holder rubs his fingers around the card with a smile while he/she flips the card to see some more creatives, well this has only got to be intentional. 

I know you want to save funds, but please don’t give this big a task to yourself [unless you’re an expert], employ a professional who can listen and understand your vision and add some extras for that pop when at glance. 

Remember, doing the ordinary won't get us far; so, just snap out of the thoughts of ordinary paper stock. Seek professionals, let them show you the options of mind-blowing card materials you could consider. A good recommendation would be the use of heavier paper stock [if considering paper] since the studier they come the better the image, even to the wallet since it provides an easy slide and chances of it bending is relatively low unless it is folded. [which is odd anyway] 

What about the colours? Less is more, check! However, a good graphics designer could tell a good blend of colours on your design without having to be a disaster. White is safe for most people, but you could also have multiple colours, perhaps one in front and another at the back. Did you even know that people also have the edges of their cards in another colour? [around the width/thickness of the card] 

Whatever, your colour pick, please don’t be boring with its blend. Our goal is to not end up in the trash bin, so seek professionals where necessary. 

Heard of the word “emboss”? How about “deboss”? This amongst a different range of textures has been inculcated into card design for a productive output. How about a 3D design for the logo or engraving? 

The moral of the story is you can consciously try out other things that could put a smile on the card holder’s face whenever they at any point interface with your card. 

So, the rectangle has been what we see around, however, have you carefully thought of it... is there a rule to how and what shape our business cards should come into? Let me think that through... No! So, why put yourself in a box, when you can unleash some dose of creativity from other shapes. 

Note: in the cause of being creative with shapes, kindly note that there is a thing line between striking an impression and disaster; don’t worry, your mind would point that out to you. 

Don’t forget that the overall aim of this is to sell a brand in a positive light, and whatever you choose to come up with, ensure it doesn’t end up in the trash can. 

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