Web development challenges in the UAE

Web development challenges in the UAE
For a country as enabling and thriving as the UAE [United Arab Emirates], one could never have considered a possible reason for a challenge in any sector. What could be a challenge that a Web developer or Web development company encounters doing business in a developing country? 

Well, this and more information would I be providing in this article. 

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What is Web development? 
The process of producing websites and apps for the internet or intranet is known as web development. Web development, which is sometimes confused with Web design, focuses on the construction of the webpage, which requires just code and programming to provide optimal client delivery.

Web development is divided into three layers: the client-side, also known as the Frontend, the server-side, sometimes known as the Backend, and database technology.

What are Web development and example? 
Web development is also called web programming. Web development is the creation of dynamic web applications. To liken Web development to present-day applications, an application like Facebook [now Meta] is a good example. 

What are the challenges of Web development in the UAE? 
Just like the daily challenges of any Web developer at any location, Web developers in the UAE experience some challenges in the process of building a webpage. Examples of such challenges are seen below. 

1. Security 
While we understand that it can be hurdle keeping tabs on ensuring that everything works either at the back-end or front-end, developers could end up neglecting web app security in the process. 

Web security is very sensitive and if much attention is not paid to it, it could ruin the entire effort of yourself and the team, most importantly when your application deals with sensitive data, payment information, and other confidential documents. 

2. Webpage Usability
Webpage responsiveness is more sensitive than what you could imagine. One of the challenges encountered by Web developers would be the responsiveness of webpages on any device without losing its alignment, but yet still capturing the very essence. 

It is no news that we live in the age of mobile phones than tabletops and laptops. If your application or website behaves differently on smartphones and the web, it is apparent that you will struggle to keep users' attention to the webpage. 

3. Speed
Using a website needs a significant amount of speed. Aside from navigation and responsiveness, it's comparable to the criteria we set for a successful website.

Virtual entrepreneurs can convey the story better; you must spend a significant amount of time online, but if your website is sluggish, you have already failed.

Users/clients' decision to use or not utilize your webpage is heavily influenced by speed. Anything that comes near to cluttering and delaying your earnings and reputation will be detrimental. It becomes crucial since performance testing in backend development cannot be understated yet is frequently disregarded.

Is Web development a good career in UAE? 
Web development is one of the careers with a considerably higher degree of work satisfaction. Web developers are happy with their professions for a variety of reasons, including pay, work-life balance, and flexibility, to mention a few.

Having said that, Web development is a worthwhile profession to pursue.

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