Achievements of UAE in the field of science and technology

Achievements of UAE in the field of science and technology

This December, the UAE not only celebrated its 47th National Day but also announced that its passport is the world's most powerful, with visa-free access to 167 travel locations worldwide for UAE passport holders.

Over the last ten years, the UAE has emerged as the heart of innovation and growth in the Arab world, and to commemorate National Day, To determine What the achievements of the UAE in the field of technology are we have decided to answer the following questions;

- How is the technology in Dubai?

- How did UAE benefit from advancement in ICT?

- Is Dubai technologically advanced?

- Is Dubai technologically advanced?


According to the most recent study, the UAE has one of the world's most sophisticated digital economies, ranking in the top 20 internationally and first in the Arab world...

The new survey also revealed that the UAE remains the leading nation in the Middle East or Arab area in terms of digital competitiveness. Dubai is regarded as one of the world's top cities.

It is the most developed and sophisticated city in the United Arab Emirates, owing to superb amenities, high wages, amazing structures, a good healthcare system, and so on.

From the application of AI in various industries to smart gadgets to 3-D printing technology, Dubai's concentration on innovation has made the Emirate one of the global technology and innovation centers and a case study on how investment in technology can accelerate economic growth despite a slew of difficulties.


How is the technology in Dubai?

We have seen the arrival of new technology in a variety of ways and shapes during the last several years. Consumers have been at the forefront of every innovation, whether it is thinking of a new technological solution or examining old ones for updates to give better outcomes and satisfy needs.

The more the demand for sophisticated technology, the greater the need to develop regularly and set new targets to obtain better outcomes. In only a decade, technology has transformed how we go about our everyday lives, progressing from 3G flip phones to 5G touch-enabled smartphones.

From being confined to a single location with a PC to tablets being utilized for on-the-go business operations. Virtual reality, electric vehicles, and other innovations Technology have evolved tremendously, not only in hardware but also in software technologies.

The way we move and do business throughout the world has changed as a result of rapid technological developments. Adoption of new technology is strongly accepted and promoted in many areas, including the UAE, with significant backing from local governments. The government was the first to nominate an Artificial Intelligence Minister in 2017, to improve performance and create an inventive and highly productive environment for the country's industries. With Vision 2021, the UAE has effectively positioned itself as a nation of innovation, representing the Arab region on a global scale.

How did UAE benefit from advancement in ICT?
In addition to establishing the legislative foundation for ICT development, the UAE has established financing programs to promote sector growth. The ICT Fund in the Middle East's the first of its type, and it is intended to promote innovative research and development initiatives as well as education and training in the sector. The ITU's ICT Development Index (IDI) placed the UAE as the top-ranking country in the Arab States area and ranked it 29 globally.
The IDI is a composite index that incorporates 11 variables relating to ICT access, usage, and skills from the study "Measuring the Information Society 2010." The IDI covers 159 nations, allowing for global and regional comparisons.

The research divides the 159 nations into four groups based on the amount of ICT in the economy: higher, upper, medium, and low. Encouraging competition in the telecommunications sector has also aided in the development of ICT infrastructure.

Liberalization began in 2007 with the licensing of a second mobile operator, Du, and there are ambitious plans for network sharing to benefit customers under TRA oversight.

Because Etisalat and Du share networks, customers may select their service provider for telephony, Internet, and television. Such rivalry not only promotes the growth of the ICT industry but also serves as a stimulant for the country's general economic development.

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