What Are the Best Possible THC-O Vape Pens?

What Are the Best Possible THC-O Vape Pens?
The market has been flooded with products featuring lesser-known cannabinoids, and THC-O is among the most popular. It is a synthetic cannabinoid approximately three times as potent as delta-9-THC. Also known as THC-O Acetate, this compound was created in the 1960s but has only become available to the general public in the last few years.

Individuals seeking a potent, fast-acting high need to look no further than THC-O vape pens. All you need is a couple of puffs, and the unique, potentially hallucinogenic high provided by this cannabinoid will become apparent within minutes. However, when you use a THC-O vape like this https://purekana.com/products/thc-o-vape-pens-900mg/, the onset of the high is slightly delayed compared to when you vape delta-9-THC
Currently, the compound isn’t federally illegal and is widely available online. However, several states have banned it, so check your local laws before purchasing. Another issue is the safety of THC-O vape pens. This rapidly growing market has sadly attracted scam companies. Therefore, it is in your best interests to read this article to understand what to look for in high-quality products.

What Type of Fake THC-O Vape Products Might I Find?

Unfortunately, the combination of a fast-growing market and a complete lack of regulation makes the THC-O market a prime breeding ground for scammers. Here are the most prominent fake THC-O vape pen products:
  1. Counterfeits: These vape pens look exactly like those sold by a reputable brand in terms of packaging. However, there could be just about anything inside them.
  2. Zero THC-O: These pens contain no THC-O whatsoever. The question is, what do they contain? Answers on a postcard, please! Generally, scam brands fill the pens with a mix of CBD and perhaps general vape liquid.
  3. Toxic Ingredients: Fraudsters don’t care about your health; their only concern is making a quick profit. Some THC-O vape pens might contain a little of the substance to give you a high but also include filler ingredients that could cause serious damage to your body.

How to Find High-Quality THC-O Vape Pens

You are entering murky waters when dipping your toe into the THC-O market. Therefore, caution is advised. Below is a checklist; if a product fails to meet even one of the following criteria, don’t buy it.

1. Investigate the Brand
Many reputable CBD sellers, such as PureKana, also sell products containing minor cannabinoids such as THC-O and HHC. Such companies have a long track record and offer safe, high-quality products.

However, if a brand selling THC-O seems to have appeared overnight, stay far away! It is probably a fake company offering low-grade products. It is also worth looking for customer reviews on third-party sites. You’ll soon discover whether a company has a positive or negative reputation.

2. Look for Third-Party Lab Reports
Given the lack of regulation in the THC-O market, this one is REALLY important. Don’t buy any product that doesn’t have an up-to-date third-party lab report from a respected laboratory. It should provide a full cannabinoid analysis so you know how much THC-O is in the product you’re purchasing.

Realistically, a top-end THC-O vape pen will have 85%+ of the cannabinoid and perhaps a few percent’s worth of other cannabinoids. If there is no lab report, you literally have no clue what you’re ingesting!

3. Check Out the Ingredients
The vaping lung illness outbreak that gripped the United States claimed the lives of at least 61 people, with over 2,700 confirmed cases of people falling violently ill after using a vaping product. Almost every victim used a black-market product with vitamin E acetate, one of the ingredients likely responsible for causing havoc.

Therefore, when buying a THC-O vape pen, carefully examine the ingredients list. For example, PureKana’s vape pens contain nothing but hemp-derived distillate and botanical terpenes. This means no potentially harmful additions such as PEG, VG, or PG, which could release carcinogenic compounds when heated to a certain temperature.

There’s no reason for a THC-O vape pen to contain much more than those two ingredients, so avoid any product with a disturbingly long list of “extras.”

Final Thoughts on Buying a High-Quality THC-O Vape Pen

In a nutshell, THC-O is a compound that companies create synthetically from cannabinoids found in marijuana and hemp. It is part of an unregulated market, so you must conduct thorough research on any brand selling THC-O vape pens.

Only buy from companies that have existed for a few years and have positive reputations. Always look for third-party lab reports, and never buy any vape pen with more than a few ingredients. THC-O offers a potent yet pleasant high when you use it responsibly, but don’t take unnecessary risks when buying it.
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