What are the types of content marketing?

What are the types of content marketing?
Perhaps content creation is not good enough a parameter to validate the outreach of the brand; also, what may have appealed to a business brand/industry may not apply to the other, considering that your target audience differs, likewise the CTA [Call to Action] 

In a competitive and perfect market as digital marketing, an intentional approach to the strategies deployed when marketing is of the essence. This, therefore, calls all caution to the content churned out and the types of content marketing approach considered for the best response, after having understood your audience. 

In this article, we shall review types of content marketing, the channels to consider, and how to pick the best to suit your audience. 
While gathering information for drawing up this article, I had observed that we may just have a list of the types of content marketing, I mean... “the beautiful ones are yet to be born”, right? Nevertheless, I was able to center on a few that have been profound and finds vast use in today’s content strategy channels with helpful feedback. 

What are the types of Content Marketing? 

Content marketing is one of the most effective and valuable digital marketing strategies your brand can utilize to connect and engage with good-quality leads and customers. It can offer many advantages to your organization. For instance, it can help drive conversions, increase organic traffic to your website, and establish brand awareness by posting relevant and engaging content.  

Suppose you want your target and existing customers to trust your brand. In that case, you can use content marketing to educate your customers and position your brand as an authority in your industry. That said, engaging in an effective content marketing strategy can be an excellent idea. 

But if you want to get the most out of your strategy, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the following types of content marketing to achieve your goals:

1. Blog Content Marketing
This has been one of the most accessible routes for marketing without its content screaming or whispering the urge to close a sale. It is the regular provision of useful information to your audience which keeps them engaged and not bored from the traditional ads or the voice of a salesman on a sunny day... tiring. 

Blogs have proven to account for the vast content marketing out there. With a whopping 86% fill from content marketing as a pool on the digital space with statistics from The State of Content Marketing Report 2019: Global Report, this type of content marketing is assuredly a golden tool. 
Records have also shown that with the use of blogs, you have a 97% chance of having more links to your websites and, in turn, have 434 percent more indexed pages for the SERPs [Search Engine Result Pages]. 

2. Social Media Content Marketing
Social media marketing is a stand-alone type of strategy since it considers a slightly different set of rules that allows people to look and respond directly, basically stirring up an engagement. While we know it takes some effort to create content and identify the medium that resonates with your audience, however, if you had earlier created content for your marketing, you could easily route them through social media channels, saving you time and cost. 

Social media analytics as a worthy tool will also help you figure out quickly if your audience prefers videos or blogs, or memes. This feedback will help gauge how much traffic social media is generating to your platform. 

3. Podcast Content Marketing
The choice of high-quality podcasts has shown to be highly profitable for certain digital marketers, but they are far from a one-size-fits-all answer for your content needs. The usage of a professionally produced podcast increases awareness of the brand. 

With the appropriate equipment for good delivery, and broadcast your podcast through a podcast network, you are certain to have a tremendous reach. However, it is still necessary to organize a podcast ahead of time instead of just winging it. 

4. Video Content Marketing
Video content marketing is a seller all day but requires effort, a greater dose of creativity, hence it is considered time-consuming. 
A well-produced video shows a whole different side of your business and gives a better way to create content that requires demonstration or steps for audience conviction. 

Captions go a long way for the videos, likewise a text introduction to help the audience navigate their way to what they want to see. A double effect could then mean the use of the content on other platforms from your website, blog, social media, or what have you 

5. Email/Newsletter Content Marketing
Newsletter marketing is a process whereby product-focused content is sent out to a list of potential and existing consumers via an emailed letter. Newsletters find great use by online companies to maintain their brand at the forefront of consumers' minds, build authority in the area, and alert readers about items that may be of interest to them. 

6. Case Studies 
Creating a content marketing case study can be an excellent option if you want to use your company’s actual history or performance to attract new customers. It’s a form of content showing how your company’s expertise has been utilized to help other businesses. It can be an excellent way of showing yourself as an expert in your field. 

For example, suppose you’re running a SaaS business. In that case, case studies allow you to establish proof that the services you offer your clients are of great quality, valuable, and reliable. For these reasons, they’re one of the top-quality content materials your company can create to boost your marketing efforts.

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