What can I do with Etisalat Smiles Points?

What can I do with Etisalat Smiles Points?
A telecommunication brand as Etisalat needs not much introduction for most people, having had a track record of service delivery and a handful of monumental landmarks in over 16 countries cut across the globe. Perhaps you must have heard of the Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) network project which was considered for Abu Dhabi homes and by the end of 2009, Etisalat made yet another landmark and setting the bar, making Abu Dhabi [UAE Capital] be the first in the world to be wholly fiber-connected. 

While we can sit all day and do some praise singing on the merits and trophies earned by this telecommunication giant in the UAE [United Arab Emirates], Etisalat, we would rather do that in few minutes, this time, majoring on one of their services that is going round pulling weight and the good part to this aftermath is that you would further understand Smiles points, you will know how to earn it, you will earn it and then have clarity on what you can do with the points. 

Etisalat in its bid to ensure customers enjoy premium service has continuously and consistently strived to deliver better services by each passing day. This has had them evolve through innovation, leveraging on technology, and taking a keen interest in understanding their target audience, the customers while seeking a more seamless and yet beneficial relationship for both parties/stakeholders as the case is. 

What is Smiles? 
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Etisalat had the vision to put smiles on the faces of their esteemed customers, but since they are unable to go about to tickle every being on their network and even prospective customers, they devised a Mobile app by the name SMILES. 

Smiles is a mobile app carefully designed to make its users smile while accessing numerous deals on the platform across all fields of industry, I'm talking over 3,000 spots ranging from restaurants, movie cinemas, cafés, and every other good location you can imagine with about 50% discount and still earn points upon any transaction... yeah, 50%. Almost not true, right? Well, the best way to prove a point is to make a point, right? 

Records have shown that over 1.7 million people in the UAE are already in the know, which means they have downloaded the app and have been enjoying unbelievable slashes in all purchases across the UAE. It gets more interesting if you are an Etisalat user, Smiles provides you special voice or data deals daily. 

How to earn Smiles point? 
Well, Smiles point could simply be earned either through frequent bill payment or monthly, with the annual Postpaid plans. this implies that you can get monthly earnings asides from those generated from random bill payments. 

A monthly or annual plan affords you Smiles point by default, usually half of the duration of your plan. For example, a 12 monthly plan provides you 6 months monthly smiles point. 

How to redeem your Smiles point? 
Users could convert their points into rewards by simply visiting the Etisalat website to confirm if they have enough points to start with, after selecting an account and clicking Rewards, and confirmed they do have some points, they can proceed to redeem, click on the “APP CODE” which would automatically apply code and then you can head to checkout while following the prompts. 

How to use Smiles point? 
So, you have been found worthy to earn the Smiles point, how then do you go about using it/them? 
Well, first of all, Smiles points can be exchanged for vouchers, or could be exhausted while enjoying discounts at different businesses, or bill payments, tuition, and what have you. 

Kindly note the following: 
  1. Monthly Smiles points are added to your Smiles account on monthly basis, provided the line is active.
  2. Smiles point expire if not used within 2 years. 
  3. If you have experienced idle time on your Smiles app for 6 months, it could be mistaken for inactive therefore a loss to your points. 
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