What comes to mind when you see XXRIDE?

What comes to mind when you see XXRIDE?
From popular beliefs come trends, and one such is the understanding that comfort is relative. While this could sound appealing to the ears, it is also a cushion to shield away from a generic contract of understanding or subscribing to how the world sees and defines us. 

Well, from the stable of something bigger and better, a new company with services you might have been accustomed to has thoughtfully gone about being intentional with the definition of their services, assuring every client or customer of an unflinching standard as to how the car rides for e-hailing services ought to be rendered. 

This post will not only educate you on the perks of e-hailing services but also on the XXRIDE and how well it serves compared to other platforms. 

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What is XXRIDE? 

XXRIDE is an e-hailing application designed for ridesharing that was founded in 2021. The app XXRIDE is committed to meeting riders' transportation needs with a higher standard at a lower cost while paying drivers ZERO% commission. 

Is XXRIDE available in Dubai? 

Yes, XXRIDE is available in Dubai and over 827 cities across borders. After they launched in 2021 with their app running on both iOS and Android platforms, the ride-sharing app has been able to spread its tentacles into 46 countries with rates that have been confirmed to be very accessible. 

What makes XXRIDE different from others? 

XXRIDE offers five different categories for passengers to enjoy. These categories, which range from Luxury, XXXL, Family, and Electric, give the driver the freedom to drive comfortably with his or her mode of transportation while maintaining top service, a taste of comfort and luxury, and some safety qualities. 

This means that XXRIDE provides a balance for riders with more affordable rates and a zero % commission charge to drivers. 

How reliable is XXRIDE? 

While there could be many easy talks about their services and what they do, it is essential to note that XXRIDE is fast and reliable, as rides are available within a few minutes after the request. 

One of the things that make XXRIDE reliable is their emergency assistance by call or WhatsApp, with the distinct ability to track your trip on the map. 

How can I order a ride using XXRIDE? 

  1. After you have downloaded the app, open the app and choose your chosen destination. 
  2. The app will identify your current location automatically and alert the driver to where you are.  
  3. You will state the cost of the ride by selecting the appropriate ride type.  
  4. Once completed, the vehicle, the driver, and the driver's estimated arrival time will be displayed on the map. 
  5. Considering virtual payments, you can add and validate your credit or debit card information listed on the platform before paying. 
  6. After the completion of the trip, you get to rate your driver and give us feedback on your ride experience to help make XXRIDE better.  
  7. Should the user have any questions, one could review the receipt or file a complaint where necessary. 

Is there an idea of the price before once commences with XXRIDE? 

Yes, the rider gets to have an idea of the price before the trip commences.  

With this, having selected a start point and destination upon requesting a ride, the app will display a price estimate to let one know the cost. 
This feature also applies to people booking a ride in advance, which helps plan travel costs before the trip. 


With warm reviews and ratings as seen on platforms, you can tell that XXRIDE is here to stay for good. They have leveraged the shortcoming of existing ride-sharing platforms and have prioritized comfort and imagery as priorities. 

XXRIDE is available in Dubai, the city of opportunities, and continually seeks expansion in customer service and retention. 
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