What do farms in the UAE produce?

What do farms in the UAE produce?
Since every country has at least a speciality to what they produce, and in most cases export, the UAE is no exception to the practice of farming and has over the years fed nations through her produce. 

One of the greatest misconceptions people have had is: the UAE is largely an arid land and may never be considered a good place to farm.

While this is partly correct, one of the things that had made the UAE stand out in many sectors is its effort to be innovative. This has rippled to largely every creative they have laid hands-on, and yes, it has set them on the map with many merits. 

If the UAE is that innovative, what then do they produce, and how do they go about it, you may ask? These and others would we be considering in today’s topic. 

Why is agriculture important in UAE? 
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The UAE currently boasts of a population of over 11.42 million according to statista.com and therefore has a handful to feed. As of 2019, food imports in the UAE were at about 6%, according to reports compiled by the World Bank collection of development indicators.  

According to a study, agriculture accounts for over 5% per cent of the UAE's GDP, and agriculture production, including fisheries, livestock contributes more than Dh10 billion to the economy. 

Agriculture actively contributes to the country's economic growth, which can be linked to the country's climatic and ecological formation. 

What do farms in the UAE produce? 
Since agriculture contributes over 5% to the GDP of the UAE, it is only fair to ask what farm produce is being cultivated. Vegetables are largely consumed in the UAE, hence no surprise, as a good number of farmers are accountable for these. Vegetables like cabbage, eggplant, tomatoes, squash, and cauliflower are the principal vegetable crops, providing the country's needs throughout the season. Ras al-Khaimah produces the majority of the veggies in the nation.  

As regards fruit crops, dates, citrus, and mangoes, are also large products of farming in the UAE. Al-Ain has been set on the map for its vegetable canning operation which has a processing capacity of over 125 tons per day. 
What is the main crop grown in UAE? 
Tomatoes, melons, and dates are the most important crops farmed in the UAE. The Digdagga Agricultural Trials Station near Ras al-Khaimah has long been regarded as the hub of the UAE's agricultural research and training efforts.

What is the most common fruit in Dubai? 
There is a joke often passed asking: where can you find women, and the answer is: everywhere man-goes. Mangoes are quite popular in the UAE, and it enjoys more attention during the summer; little wonder almost all vendors sell them. 

What is the national fruit of the UAE? 
No doubt, the national fruit of the UAE is the dates. The date palm or Phoenix dactylifera is in millions in the UAE, and the country is responsible for over 7% of the world’s date production. The hot climate of the UAE favours the growth of dates, little wonder they are in abundance in the region and used in various Emirati dishes. 

What type of farming is practised in the UAE? 
The type of farming mainly practised in the UAE is organic farming.  

Compost manure, green manure, and bone meal are all examples of organic fertilizers used in organic farming. Organic farming stresses agricultural practices such as crop rotation and companion planting because of its uniqueness, ensuring adequate nutrient availability for each crop produced.
What are the challenges facing agriculture in the UAE? 
A major challenge in the agricultural sector of the UAE is the scarcity of water reserves. While the UAE has been known not to be an arable land, significant efforts have been made to increase the cultivable area in the early years, this has resulted in the depletion of underground aquifers, drops in water tables, and an increase in soil and water salinity. 

With the UAE on its never-ending quest for innovation, technologies like Hydroponics and Aquaponics have been carefully deployed to salvage the shortcomings of arid land, and harsh weather conditions in the region. 

Farmers in the UAE are not left alone in the journey of agriculture, has the government is kind enough to give massive incentives to ensure growth and expansion for the consumption and export considerations. 
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