What do PageSpeed Insights do?

What do PageSpeed Insights do?
Have you found yourself in a situation while surfing the internet, where it takes almost forever and 3 more days for the web page to load up? Well, I have experienced this several times, and here is what happens most times... I leave the page. 

Tough one right, but this among other factors are what people fail to pay attention to while developing a website; especially when client’s demand a colourful page, embedded videos, and the likes, this results in to use of heavy images that drag to load, and perhaps when loaded it is distorted with unmatched video-to-voice superimposition. 

I know you will wonder now if PageSpeed matters or PageSpeed Insights matter to the overall ranking of a website, well, I'm super glad you are here. Kindly read through as we review procedures to check page load speed, likewise steps to increase PageSpeed Insights of a website. 

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What is PageSpeed Insights? 
PageSpeed Insights (PSI) analyzes a page's performance on mobile and desktop devices and makes recommendations for how to solve issues that are slowing down your web application so that it can perform better. PSI gives information about a page from both the lab and the field. Because it is gathered in a controlled setting, lab data is important for resolving performance issues. 

Does PageSpeed Insights matter? 
Perhaps all these do not matter, right? But what if it matters? The good part in today’s case study is that PageSpeed Insight matters and in actuality, Google employs PageSpeed Insights to decide a website's ranking. Simply said, site speed is a ranking factor, and yes it matters for those who seek to optimize their websites. 

You don’t want to have your prospective clients visit your website for the first time and have a hard time navigating, let alone completing a transaction or viewing information they came to get. Frustrated clients would give up before going halfway on a slow navigation website. 

PageSpeed Insights matters for the clients likewise does it matter for your Digital marketing strategies.  

How can I check my page load speed? 
You could review how fast the speed of your page loads upon use with the aid of applications. While there are several free website speed testers to confirm how fast a website loads and how to correct it where necessary, we suggest that you conduct your research and initiate a pick; and you may not consider a free platform for better security and guarantee. 

How do I increase PageSpeed Insights? 
Here are some pointers to guide you on increasing your PageSpeed Insights for your website. 

1. Make use of compressed files
Modern browsers have the capability of serving a smaller alternative version of a website to internet users, which is one of its advantages. Responsiveness of a website is a phrase used by mobile developers to describe this attribute. 

With the gzip compressor enabled, pages can decrease in size by 90% without distortion from their original size. 

Rather than sending the whole page to the user, the browser obtains a much smaller compressed version that loads in a quarter of the time while using gzip compression. 

Make use of the cache memory
Cache memory is a temporary storage file by the computer that stores small units of data types. Such the process helps the browser to remember recently loaded items such as the header and logo. The more items a browser can cache, the fewer elements it loads when a user requests anything, and the faster a page will appear. 

2. Accelerated Server Response Time.
The time it takes for a server to start loading a page's content for an active user is known as server response time. However, you can't guarantee a load speed if things like frameworks, slow routing, database queries, and other things aren't in place. 

3. What do PageSpeed Insights do? 
PageSpeed Insights is one of Google's tools, and what it does is measure and improve a website's performance on either mobile phones or desktop computers.  

What PageSpeed Insights also does is provide a performance score for the webpage. 
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